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How to React to Hemorrhagic Disease

by Dr. Grant Woods 0

Last month, I shared information about Chronic Wasting Disease and the long-term impact it is having on deer populations across… more »


Focus on Age Instead of Antlers

by Dr. Grant Woods 0

If you are like me and hunt mostly in dense woods, I doubt you see many (or any!) bucks with… more »


Deer Decline: Fawns Are the Future

by Dr. Grant Woods 0

Several states reported a decreased deer harvest during the 2015-16 season. When we think of statewide deer-harvest totals, most of… more »


Why Predator Control Matters for Deer Populations

by Dr. Grant Woods 3

It’s almost fawning season throughout most of the whitetails’ range. Many hunters don’t get as excited as I do about… more »


Now’s the Time for Big Antlers

by Dr. Grant Woods 0

When most folks talk about big antlers during March, they are referring to sheds. Most bucks throughout the whitetail range… more »


Winter: The Off-Season Archery Blueprint

by John Dudley 0

I’ve been a hunter for 30 years now, and there’s no doubt my success rate has increased as the years… more »


3 Secrets for Bowhunting Coyotes

by Mark Kayser 0

Most would define the narrow opening in the thick river bottom below me as a whitetail funnel. Today it had… more »


Which Doe Should You Harvest?

by Dr. Grant Woods 0

In the last issue I shared recent data from five states that reported the largest increases in deer populations. Even… more »


Keys to Navigating the October Lull

by Bill Winke 0

I don’t care what anyone says; there is an October lull, a time when the bucks seem to go underground. We… more »


Center Shots: Food Plots vs. Bait

by Bill Winke 0

First off, I have nothing against baiting. I don’t do it in most places where it is legal, nor do… more »

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