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7 Great Bows For Under $600

by Bill Winke   |  March 15th, 2012 8

Let’s assume you want to retire your old bow. You have been saving for a year and finally have $600 in your pocket. Which one should you buy? Are any of them worth it? Well, let’s go out into the marketplace and find out.


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G5 Outdoors makes Quest bows. G5 is a reputable archery accessory company from Michigan that actually grew out of a successful engineering and fabrication business owned by Lou Grace. Lou ventured into the hunting industry with broadheads and it grew from there. I like it when engineering companies make hunting products, because these companies generally take the design phase very seriously. Typically, their products are very innovative because tweaking to perfection is baked into the souls of the people who conceive them. Not surprisingly, there are a number of innovative features on the Torrent.

Whereas most budget bows have cast or extruded risers, the Torrent has a fully machined riser for a slightly cleaner look. Another cool feature of the Torrent is the I-Glide cable guard rod. Rather than a slide or roller, the cables are retained by the ceramic-coated holes in the end of the cable guard rod. This is a good example of creative problem solving.

The Torrent's G-Fade finish -- a black mid-section fading to camo on the ends of the riser -- is eye catching. It offers a surprisingly slick look for an affordable bow. The draw length of the Torrent is also very adjustable, with half-inch changes from 25 1/2-30 inches.

Torrent Specs:
Advertised IBO Speed: 322 fps
Axle-to-Axle Length: 31 inches
Brace Height: 7 inches
Weight: 4.2 pounds
Price: $529.99-$559.99

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