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Prime Impact Review

by Jon E. Silks   |  May 8th, 2013 0

Prime bows are brought to you by the same folks who have given bowhunters the G5 Montec, Striker and T3 broadheads, along with Mag-Loc quivers, Meta peeps and much more. So, here’s a Prime Impact review.

Lou Grace and family have had a huge impact on the archery industry for more than a decade, and they continue to push the envelope and offer products spawned by out-of-the-box thinking.

The company’s 2013 Impact is a relatively long axle-to-axle bow that harnesses the power of their patented Parallel Cam technology. In addition to the centerpiece cam system, this rig brings its A game with parallel limbs, I-Glide cable-containment system, a soft overmold grip and several shock- and vibration-reduction features.

Dynamic Duo
The cornerstone of the Prime bow line is their patented Parallel Cam Technology, which was made even more stable for 2013 with a wider based PCX version. Designed to combat accuracy-robbing cam lean, the Parallel Cam breaks away from the typical single body system and has two lobes separated by a space in the center. Each lobe has its own string groove, creating dual parallel string tracks when combined.

A short string section wraps around each lobe and connects with the main string through a 29-grain yoke splitter. The cables are then perfectly centered on a special track in the middle of the space between the lobes. Stability is created by the wide-base distribution of force applied by the cables and string.

Functionality and tuning are optimized by the cam structure and operation. The cables are tied to both cams rather than one side being tied to a limb—this forces the cams to work together, eliminating timing issues common to other configurations. Draw lengths are available from 26-30 inches, in half-inch increments. A separate cam is needed for each draw-length option. Another feature is an adjustable draw stop, which offers a wide range of letoff percentages and a custom feel.

Stealthy Shot
We all want a quiet rig when stalking our favorite game animal. The Impact has several features designed to tame the shot. First and foremost is the past parallel position of the Extra Wide Limbs at full draw. Most bowhunters are well aware of the dramatic shock, noise and vibration benefits of this limb configuration, as it is almost a given on top-end rigs. The composite limbs were made wider for increased torsional rigidity, which in combination with the PCX Parallel cams create a platform for straight and level knock travel.

Moving parts are inherently susceptible to noise, so it stands to reason that Prime’s I-Glide Flex cable-containment system is quieter than one with mechanical parts. Cables slide through glazed ceramic eyelets rather than on a moving slide or rollers. The Impact’s I-Glide was upgraded with a spring steel rod, which flexes toward the center of the bow during the draw cycle to reduce torque and then moves back into position and out of the way of the arrow when the string is released. A set of Bowjax Limb dampeners and a riser-mounted string stop round out the noise-killing package.

The Rest of the Story
The Ultra Fit Grip is a dual system in that the one-piece, soft-to-the-touch overmold grip may be removed to reveal a narrower grip machined directly into the riser’s handle. A metal stabilizer mounting insert and broadhead guard are also included with the Impact. Prime takes care of the details—every bow is tuned, cycled 100 times, fine-tuned, shot again and measured for centershot prior to being boxed for shipment. Prime bows are covered by the company’s Shield Service Program, which includes a lifetime replacement of strings/cables, warranty rush service, 100-cycle assurance and a free, six-month tune-up.

In a market dominated by short axle-to-axle bows, the Impact reminded me of the stability offered by a well-designed, longer bow. While it is a little heavier than today’s typical hunting rig, the weight and length worked to steady me on the bull’s-eye. I can see some folks setting personal bests on the 3-D range with this bow. For the bowhunter, a quiet shot is important, and the Impact has little report at the shot. Along with the low noise, there was only a quick “bump” and nearly nonexistent vibration recorded. I liked the new overmold grip—very comfortable!

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