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Petersen's Bowhunting Videos

ATA 2018: New Mystery Ranch TREEHOUSE Pack

ATA 2018: New Mystery Ranch TREEHOUSE Pack

by Bowhunting Online Staff

Introducing the Mystery Ranch TREEHOUSE, a new pack built specifically for whitetail-treestand hunters.

ATA 2018: SIG Optics

ATA 2018: SIG Optics

by Bowhunting Online Staff

SIG Sauer’s Scott Smith discusses optics with Lynn Burkhead at the 2018 ATA Show; he also shows us two great… more »

ATA 2018: Easton and Delta Mckenzie Targets

ATA 2018: Easton and Delta Mckenzie Targets

by Bowhunting Online Staff

Lynn Burkhead talks with Gary Cornam from Easton and Sam Miller from Delta Mckenzie Targets at the 2018 ATA Show… more »


ATA 2018: Top New Youth Archery Products

by Tony Peterson

When you’ve got a pair of six-year-olds in your house and your fingers crossed that they’ll love bowhunting as much… more »


ATA 2018: Stan Potts

by Bowhunting Online Staff

Lynn Burkhead chats with Stan Potts, host of “North American Whitetail” on Sportsman Channel, at the 2018 ATA Show in… more »

ATA 2018: Bowtech/Excalibur Assassin

ATA 2018: Bowtech and Excalibur’s New Assassin Crossbow

by Bowhunting Online Staff

Michael Martin from Bowtech shares an incredible new crossbow – the Excalibur Assassin.


ATA 2018: Top New Bow Accessories

by Darron McDougal

Jazz up your bow with today’s high-performance gadgets. Dampen and Control Mathews launches the Flatline Stabilizer, which features Mathews-exclusive dampening… more »


ATA 2018: Top New Apparel

by Lynn Burkhead

It’s time for the 2018 ATA Show in downtown Indianapolis. Here are just a few of the show’s new clothing… more »


ATA 2018: New Mission SUB-1 Crossbow and Mathews TRIAX

by Bowhunting Online Staff

Gregg Ritz, host of “Hunt Masters” on Outdoor Channel, and Brad Treu introduce the new Mission SUB-1 Crossbow and Mathews… more »


ATA 2018: Top New Arrows

by Tony Peterson

The Archery Trade Association show is here and the latest arrows are ready to hit the market. It’s hard to… more »

ATA 2018 Christian Berg and Pat Hogan

ATA 2018: Christian Berg and Pat Hogan

by Bowhunting Online Staff

Lynn Burkhead talks with Christian Berg of Petersen’s Bowhunting and Pat Hogan of North American Whitetail at the 2018 ATA Show in Indianapolis.


ATA 2018: Top New Archery Targets

by Drew Pellman

For a diehard archer, nothing is more frustrating than a target that just isn’t up to the task. During our time… more »


Live from Indy! — 2018 ATA Show Begins Thursday

by Lynn Burkhead

As the bowhunting and archery industry descend upon the Midwest, it’s time for the 2018 ATA Show this week in… more »

Juniper, Balsamic and Wine Venison Steaks Recipe

Juniper Venison Steaks Recipe

by Jenny Nguyen-Wheatley

Use this aromatic and fruity marinade recipe to flavor and tenderize venison steaks from older deer Serves: 2 Prep time:… more »


2017 Fixed-Blade Broadhead Test

by Jon E. Silks

We Rank 16 Top Models on Sharpness, Accuracy, Penetration & More It’s that time of year when the air turns… more »


Gear Review: Sitka Gear Women’s Big Game Clothing Line

by Emily Kantner

The biggest gripe echoed by most lady bowhunters is that there just isn’t enough quality gear specifically designed for women…. more »


Crossbow Review: CAMX X330

by Jon E. Silks

CAMX is led by hunters who design and build crossbows that are laser-focused on the shooting experience. They work to… more »


Bow Review: Xpedition Xplorer SS

by Jon E. Silks

Xpedition Archery is rooted in an aerospace engineering company highly respected in its field with nearly 50 years of experience… more »


Crossbow Review: Barnett Ghost 420

by Jon E. Silks

Barnett has been a top crossbow manufacturer for 55 years, and with the new Ghost 420, the company continues to… more »


Tuning Your Bow and Arrows

by Bill Winke

Hunting accuracy starts with your gear: a well-tuned bow and perfect arrows. So, that is what I am going to… more »