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Petersen's Bowhunting Videos


Bow Review: Prime Centergy

by Jon E. Silks

Prime bows are stable performers each year, demonstrating excellent quality and sporting features that support the company’s slogan, “Designed to… more »


The 8 Best Bows for Women

by Emily Kantner

The 2017 archery season will be here before we know it, so if you ladies are intending to purchase a… more »


Top Women Bowhunters Tackle Tough Topics

by Emily Kantner

Following a look into the changing face of bowhunting, we hosted a live roundtable event with some of the most… more »


2017 Crossbow Accessories

by Bob Humphrey

By now, you’ve heard and read all sorts of things about the new-for-2017 crossbows, and if you’re in the market… more »


Evaluating and Fixing Your Missed Shots

by Randy Ulmer

A batting coach can tell more by watching the baseball than by focusing on the movement of the bat. Top… more »


Three Components of the Proper Anchor Position

by Levi Morgan

If you know archery, you know how important a consistent anchor position is. Most people think of anchoring as a… more »


How to Hunt Public Land Successfully

by Bill Winke

I always thought public-land hunting was a second-rate experience for the whitetail enthusiast — something you did only if you… more »


Best Trail Cameras of 2017

by Darron McDougal

Faster trigger speeds, advanced mobile/app connectivity and otherworldly image resolution — to name only a few attributes — make 2017’s trail-camera lineup… more »


Women’s Bow Review: Diamond Carbon Knockout

by Emily Kantner

Years ago, when I decided to trade in my rifle for a bow, my dad bought me a Diamond Razor… more »


Bow Review: Bear Moment

by Jon E. Silks

Bear’s 2017 Moment is loaded with features, including the EAZ Hybrid cam system, Max Preload Quad Limbs, reflex riser with… more »


Bow Review: Obsession Hemorrhage DE

by Jon E. Silks

Obsession introduced four new models for 2017, including the Hemorrhage DE. It is built on a compact riser sporting flared… more »


The Farm Store Bowhunter

by Laden Force

As a boy, a trip to the local farm store meant shopping with Grandpa for bolts, weed eater string, hydraulic… more »


Gear Review: ALPS OutdoorZ Monarch X

by Emily Kantner

Whether you’re spotting and stalking on a western hunt or logging miles during a daylong off-season hike, a quality backpack… more »


Gear Review: Rinehart Rhino Bag

by Christian Berg

A Bag Full of Abilities Most serious bowhunters own several archery targets to serve a variety of needs. When it… more »


Crossbow History

by Bob Humphrey

Spanish philosopher George Santayana is widely credited with the observation that “those who cannot remember the past are condemned to… more »


Is Buying a New Bow Always Better?

by Randy Ulmer

I cherished my first hunting bow. When I bought it, I was still in school and had an extremely limited… more »


Where Should You Be Hanging Treestands?

by Bill Winke

Most bowhunters want to start their post-season scouting by walking everything and looking for the best sign: the heaviest trails,… more »


Jason Snavely Welcomed as New Whitetails Columnist

by Jason Snavely

I collected my first speeding ticket because of my whitetail addiction. I was a senior in high school, and with… more »


Better Aiming for Tighter Groups

by Levi Morgan

We all realize that to shoot a bow, some form of pushing and pulling has to take place — but… more »


Bow Review: Bowtech Reign 6

by Jon E. Silks

Bowtech prides itself on being a leader in archery technology. And for 2017, the company continues its high-tech push with… more »