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Petersen's Bowhunting Videos


Is Buying a New Bow Always Better?

by Randy Ulmer

I cherished my first hunting bow. When I bought it, I was still in school and had an extremely limited… more »


Where Should You Be Hanging Treestands?

by Bill Winke

Most bowhunters want to start their post-season scouting by walking everything and looking for the best sign: the heaviest trails,… more »


Jason Snavely Welcomed as New Whitetails Columnist

by Jason Snavely

I collected my first speeding ticket because of my whitetail addiction. I was a senior in high school, and with… more »


Better Aiming for Tighter Groups

by Levi Morgan

We all realize that to shoot a bow, some form of pushing and pulling has to take place — but… more »


Bow Review: Bowtech Reign 6

by Jon E. Silks

Bowtech prides itself on being a leader in archery technology. And for 2017, the company continues its high-tech push with… more »


Crossbow Review: Ravin R9

by Jon E. Silks

Every year at the Archery Trade Association (ATA) Show, a few new products seem to generate most of the buzz… more »


Essential Gear for Your Turkey Vest

by Alex Gyllstrom

It’s no secret as bowhunters we love our gear. Turkey hunting, regardless of with a gun or bow, usually requires… more »


Raised at Full Draw Bowhunting Camps

by Emily Kantner

Anyone who has truly been raised hunting knows that it’s more than just filling some tags once a year — it’s… more »


Angie Denny

by Drew Pellman

Angie Denny wears a lot of hats — outfitter, guide, outdoor TV host and dedicated hockey mom just to name… more »


Joella Bates

by Christian Berg

Joella Bates may not be the world’s most famous female archer, but she’s arguably the most accomplished. As a 3-D… more »


Kirstie Pike

by Christian Berg

Kirstie Pike’s path from nursing to hunting-industry executive began with a shopping trip. The year was 2006, and Pike –… more »


Jana Waller

by Emily Kantner

After spending her childhood hunting waterfowl in Wisconsin, Jana Waller was introduced to archery during her freshman year of college… more »


Anna Vorisek

by Darron McDougal

In 2001, Alaska’s Anna Vorisek met her then-to-be husband, Ken. “Ken was the first person I’d met who identified himself… more »


Kandi Kisky

by Drew Pellman

If you’d consider yourself just a novice viewer of outdoor television, chances are still quite high that you’d recognize the… more »


Larysa Switlyk

by Mark Taylor

Spotting and stalking is Larysa Switlyk’s favorite method of bowhunting. Interestingly, it can take those kinds of skills to track… more »


Gina Brunson

by Mark Taylor

Gina Brunson didn’t grow up hunting, but starting wasn’t a big stretch. “I was with my dad 24/7,” she said…. more »


Ginger Morehead

by Darron McDougal

With many podium stands under her belt — including an NABH World Championship title, two Rookie of the Year and… more »


Kristy Titus

by Christian Berg

Kristy Titus’ passion for the outdoors has taken her around the globe in search of hunting adventure, yet she’s never… more »


Brenda Valentine

by Mark Taylor

Imagine a high school cheerleader’s worst nightmare and it might go something like this. It’s your mom’s week to pick… more »


Nicole Reeve

by Mark Taylor

Watch just a few minutes of Driven with Pat & Nicole and it’s clear that Nicole Reeve is not acting…. more »