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Petersen's Bowhunting Videos


Eva Shockey

by Emily Kantner

As the daughter of legendary big-game hunter Jim Shockey and granddaughter of Hal Shockey, Eva Shockey has bowhunting in her… more »


Tiffany Lakosky

by Darron McDougal

Co-host of The Crush with Lee & Tiffany, Tiffany Lakosky grew up fishing with her father in Columbia Heights, Minnesota,… more »


Michele Eichler

by Mark Taylor

Michele Eichler has a term for the early days of Muzzy Broadheads. “We call those the tomato sandwich years,” said… more »


Sarah Bowmar

by Emily Kantner

In just three years, Sarah Bowmar went from vegetarian to accomplished bowhunter. With no family ties to hunting and no… more »


Vicki Cianciarulo

by Christian Berg

Outdoor television has produced a steady stream of female celebrities over the past two decades — and most of them… more »


Samantha Morgan

by Emily Kantner

The bow life is all Samantha Morgan has ever known. She picked up her first bow at age 8 and… more »


Taylor Drury

by Emily Kantner

Taylor Drury is sticking with the family business. Her dad Mark and uncle Terry established Drury Outdoors in 1989 — six… more »


The Rapid Rise of Women in Bowhunting

by Emily Kantner

As the firstborn of a sonless outdoors addict, I was raised on hunting. When other kids were learning their barnyard… more »


2017 Turkey Gear

by Emily Kantner

Editors Note: For a complete listing of 2017 Turkey Gear, pick up a copy of the April/May 2017 issue of… more »


How To Plan the Perfect DIY Turkey Hunt

by Eddie Claypool

If you have an adventuresome spirit, consider an out-of-state foray for turkeys. As a serious bowhunter, you will most certainly… more »


12 Equipment Tips for Extreme Accuracy

by Randy Ulmer

Bowhunting success can be elusive. Most factors that determine the final outcome of any hunt are not under our direct… more »


Why Paper Cuts Kill Deer

by Dr. Grant Woods

Most of us tune our bows and practice shooting all summer in anticipation of getting a shot at a good… more »


More Than Just a Hunting Dog

by Eddie Claypool

Preface I’ve been through a lot of bowhunting buddies over the years, and my current partner far surpasses all the… more »


2016 Mechanical Broadhead Test

by Jon E. Silks

Bowhunters are obsessed with broadheads! They carry the same power to spur debate as Ford vs. Chevy. Spend 10 minutes… more »


Bow Review: PSE Evolve 35

by Jon E. Silks

PSE is an archery industry icon, and the 2017 PSE Evolve 35 is proof that the company continues to innovate… more »


Bow Review: Hoyt Pro Defiant

by Jon E. Silks

Hoyt has expanded its Defiant series for 2017 with three new models — the Pro Defiant, Pro Defiant 34 and… more »


ATA 2017: Best New Hunting Innovations

by Drew Pellman

It’s almost impossible to remember every new product you saw after three straight days of walking the floor of the… more »


ATA 2017: Best New Youth Bows

by Spencer Neuharth

When I started shooting archery a decade ago, there were hardly any options designed for 14-year-old kids. My choices were… more »


ATA 2017: Best New Arrows

by Darron McDougal

Just when we thought arrow technology had run its course, the ATA Show floor proved us wrong. Below are some… more »


ATA 2017: Best Compound Bows for Women

by Spencer Neuharth

ATA announced in 2016 that there are nearly 5 million female archers. While this looks like an astonishing number, women… more »