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Petersen's Bowhunting Videos


A New Reign: 2017 Bowtech Flagship

by Drew Pellman

The time has now come and gone for the unveiling of Bowtech’s 2017 flagship bow — the Reign 6 and… more »


Are You Using a Proper Stabilizer Setup?

by Randy Ulmer

I have to admit; I’m very conflicted over whether to use a stabilizer on my hunting bow. The dilemma is… more »


Have You Tried These Proven Rut Tactics ?

by Bill Winke

Give me a beginner and a week of vacation during the best days of the rut, and seven days later… more »


Shoot Your Crossbow Better Today — Part I

by Bob Humphrey

Want to make your crossbow shoot better? Of course you do! The good news is, there’s much you can do… more »


Best Holiday Gifts for Bowhunters

by Drew Pellman

Bowhunters are a unique group of individuals. We all readily admit that. New bow equipment might be our favorite thing… more »


6 Scent Setups You Need to Know

by Darron McDougal

Using lures and scents to attract whitetail bucks into archery range is nothing new; hunters have been doing it for ages…. more »

Walking Buck

How to Conquer the Rut’s Toughest Shots

by Bill Winke

Many of the shots we get while hunting from a treestand during the rut are different from any we practice…. more »

Globalstar’s SPOT Gen3 hunting emergency

Adventure Bowhunting: Survival Gear That Could Save Your Life

by Tony Peterson

Aside from needing stitches on a couple of occasions and experiencing a few scary “where-the-heck-am-I?” moments, I’ve been pretty lucky… more »

BOWHUNTING Editor Christian Berg took this nice, 8-point Illinois buck on Halloween using the 2017 Mathews HALON 32.

Deadly Debut: Mathews HALON 32

by Christian Berg

Today is Mathews “Launch Day” — the day the bow maker unveils its 2017 flagship HALON 32 for the world to… more »

Check Your Rangefinder

Get the Most Out of Your Rangefinder

by Randy Ulmer

Some of the most expensive rangefinders available today aren’t accurate enough to be functional for bowhunters. Let me explain: Let’s… more »

Shoot Your Biggest Buck

How to Shoot Your Biggest Buck Ever

by Bill Winke

Hunting deer is far from predictable. It is not like baking a pie or programming a computer, where you can… more »

Winke Extreme Scent Control 1

Extreme Scent Control for Serious Bowhunters

by Bill Winke

What I am about to tell you may shake up your thoughts about scent control. Back in 2002, I learned that… more »


Curve Ball: Change Your Luck by Changing Tactics

by Don Higgins

The yearling buck was right on the heels of the hot doe, grunting with each step he took. The pair… more »


Focus on Age Instead of Antlers

by Dr. Grant Woods

If you are like me and hunt mostly in dense woods, I doubt you see many (or any!) bucks with… more »


The Best Days to Tag Trophy Bucks in 2016

by John Dudley

Last year marked the first time I shared my rut predictions with the readers of Petersen’s BOWHUNTING. In that article,… more »


Bill Winke’s Thoughts on Nocturnal Bucks

by Bill Winke

Bowhunters often talk about how smart a certain buck is. That deer seems to know what they are going to… more »


Elk Calling With the Experts

by Tracy Breen

Getting within bow range of a bull elk is no easy task. Old bulls in particular can be call shy;… more »


Add 10 Yards to Your Effective Range

by Bill Winke

Elk have big kill zones, and the country they live in is big. The natural progression of these two profound… more »


Review: 2016 Mathews Halon

by Jon E. Silks

The 2016 headliner at Mathews is the all-new Halon. It is available in three versions — the 5, 6 and… more »


How Much Do Release Aids Impact Arrow Flight?

by Jon E. Silks

Several years ago, as I was practicing at 70 yards for an upcoming elk hunt, something peculiar happened that I… more »