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Petersen's Bowhunting Videos


Focus on Age Instead of Antlers

by Dr. Grant Woods

If you are like me and hunt mostly in dense woods, I doubt you see many (or any!) bucks with… more »


The Best Days to Tag Trophy Bucks in 2016

by John Dudley

Last year marked the first time I shared my rut predictions with the readers of Petersen’s BOWHUNTING. In that article,… more »


Bill Winke’s Thoughts on Nocturnal Bucks

by Bill Winke

Bowhunters often talk about how smart a certain buck is. That deer seems to know what they are going to… more »


Elk Calling With the Experts

by Tracy Breen

Getting within bow range of a bull elk is no easy task. Old bulls in particular can be call shy;… more »


Add 10 Yards to Your Effective Range

by Bill Winke

Elk have big kill zones, and the country they live in is big. The natural progression of these two profound… more »


Review: 2016 Mathews Halon

by Jon E. Silks

The 2016 headliner at Mathews is the all-new Halon. It is available in three versions — the 5, 6 and… more »


How Much Do Release Aids Impact Arrow Flight?

by Jon E. Silks

Several years ago, as I was practicing at 70 yards for an upcoming elk hunt, something peculiar happened that I… more »


Lessons Learned from 15-Years of Successful Elk Hunting

by John Dudley

For 15 years now, I’ve been a Midwestern bowhunter who plans a trip or two each year to chase elk… more »


The Pros Explain How to Master the Mental Game

by Mark Taylor

Each season brings a new crop of high-performance bows, crossbows, new accessories and new — and supposedly innovative — strategies… more »


The Five-Percent Buck

by Brad Fitzpatrick

In the late summer of 2013, Ohio bowhunter Chad McKibben began collecting trail camera pictures of an exceptionally wide, heavy… more »


Crossbow Hunting 101: Eight Great Tips To Get You Started

by David Hart

Deer season will be here before you know it. And if you live in one of the many states in… more »


One and Done Sighting with UNO App

by Christian Berg

Setting the pins on a new sight isn’t my favorite archery chore. It’s time consuming, and even after multiple range… more »


Winke’s Shooting Fundamentals for Fall Success

by Bill Winke

As you practice shooting your bow this summer, it is best to work on the kinds of shots, and the… more »


How to Make Bowhunting’s Toughest Shots

by Jeff Johnston

Ask five great bowhunters what specific shot gives them trouble and you’ll get 10 horror stories. To a large degree,… more »

A bow that can easily be adjusted to fit the entire family is a bow that is loaded with value.

Diamond Bows: Versatile and Super Easy to Set Up

by Tony Peterson

In today’s highly technical world of bow design, finding a bow that offers great versatility is no easy task. But… more »


Montana Muleys Create Lifelong Memories

by Jon E. Silks

There are few experiences that take me back to those sleepless nights filled with wide-eyed anticipation, tossing and turning through… more »


Try These Backyard Drills for Bowhunting Success

by John Dudley

I was very focused on sports throughout my youth. I spent more time on a field, in a weight room… more »


Brady Ellison: The Quest for Olympic Gold

by Christian Berg

Grizzled veteran” isn’t a term often used to describe a 27-year-old, but that’s exactly what Brady Ellison is on the… more »


Interview: Donald Trump Jr. on Bowhunting

by Mark Demko

It’s no secret that Donald Trump Jr. is a bowhunter and an avid outdoorsman. And he makes no apologies for… more »


How to Give Your Crossbow a Tune-Up

by Bob Humphrey

A quick look at hunting demographics shows most of us are old enough to remember those campy Ronco TV ads…. more »