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Ohio Turkey

1st Bow Turkey


Due to target panic my shooting skills had deteriorated to the point that I never thought I would be able to harvest a turkey with a bow. But after reading and applying the many article and tips in this mag, and using a tension release for a summer, I was shooting better than I ever have. I had never taken a Turkey with my bow and now felt confident enough to do it. So I set up with no blind, just using a tree and fresh growth to conceal myself. I called in two Toms from over 200 yard across an open field. I had a hen and Jake decoy setup at 21.5 yard. When the birds came in, I waited for them to face the Jake decoy, which put their backs to me, and I drew my bow, settled the pin and pulled through the shot. The arrow hit it’s mark and the Tom limped away and laid down about 30 yards from where he was shot. I was afraid my bow hunting days were winding down, but it turns out they are just getting started all over again. Thanks for all the great articles you’ve published on target panic. It has resurrected my bow hunting. I’m as excited now as I was when I first started 20 years ago.

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