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Kansas Whitetail

222 3/8″ Kansas Giant


Sitting 23′ up a tree in a SE Kansas creek bottom on 11/17/2016 I wasn’t expecting to see much because it was 80 degrees and the wind was blowing 30-40 mph. At 5 p.m. I glanced down to my left and I see a deer at 15 yards walking to me. As soon as his head cleared the overhanging foliage I instantly knew it was the monster I had on trail camera. My bow still on hanger he walks within feet of my tree only to stop directly underneath me. Thanks to my ozonics and the high wind he never had a clue as he continued his casual walk away to my right. In one motion I stand up, draw and release dropping him in his tracks. Sitting there trying to wrap my mind around what just happened he starts trying to get up. With nerves taking over now I knock another arrow and try to put another arrow in him. Either from nerves or his moving trying to get up my second shot takes off his 8″ drop tine. By this time he had flopped and rolled into a brush pile preventing a clear shot. Not thinking clearly I committed the cardinal sin and climbed down to get clear shot. He sees me and manages to get up and slowly trot off. After letting him lay overnight I found him the next day. I still can’t believe that my buck of a lifetime unofficially scores 222 3/8″ gross and nets 212 4/8″ (23 scoreable points)

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