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Elk Idaho

Best Hunt Ever


September 2016 was a hunt like no other, My friend Bob Weasthoff and I flew to Idaho from Michigan to hunt with long time friend Steve Sluka and his two sons Jake and Michael. On the 4th morning I broke the ice, arrowing a nice 5×5 with a 20 yd shot. Two days later Steve made an 8yd shot on a Bull Moose that only went 30 yds and expired. Jake was the next to connect on a wide 6×6 at 25yds. Towards the end of our second week Bob made a 47 yd shot on a big 6×6 elk that only traveled 100yds. Speacial thanks to Michael for doing the calling on the Moose and 2 of the elk. This is not a year that will ever be forgotten

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