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Missouri Turkey

Missouri State Record Longbeard!


I had spotted this turkey the night before and watched the direction he went so I could get set up in the morning. Sure enough after daybreak, I heard him fly down and knew he was close, I had my bow already in hand and I just sat in my treestand like a statue, listening to my heart pound, until I caught a glimpse of him out of the corner of my eye walking into a food plot. As soon as I watched him put his head down, I drew my bow and sent an arrow flying. It pinned him down and he flopped twice and that was it. I joked with my dad about possibly breaking the state record for weight, but I was stunned when it actually happened for beard length. I’ve hunted with a bow for whitetails for years, but this was my first attempt at a turkey with one, the next day was Thanksgiving and I had no problem saying what I was thankful for that year! I had forgotten that I put a trail camera on that food plot and the turkey flopping from the shot along with my dad taking photos of me with the bird was all documented from a second hand view, which was pretty neat as well. Beard length measured 12 1/2″, spurs 1″ and 1.0625″.

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