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Ohio Whitetail



November 10th rut was in full swing, got out to my stand plenty early in hopes the buck I called “Mr.T” would come pay me a visit. As I’m looking around trying to spot this monster buck luck would have it he spots me 1st, not good 65 yards out we lock eyes, having a staring contest for what felt like an eternity my heart pounding out of my chest. He Finnaly starts moving and going down a path behind my stand that is very thick and grown up, so I stand up get turned around and notice a tiny opening at the end of the path he was traveling so I draw back my Mathews outback bow, soon as he hit that opening I let out a loud grunt stopped him in his tracks the deer stood broad side at 60 yards and I let my Easton arrow with rage hyperdermic broad head fly while my nocturnal nock illuminated green made it easy to tell that the shot was placed perfect, penetrating the heart, overcome with excitement I text my Dad and my Brother “Mr.T” is down.

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