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Indiana Whitetail

November 5, again!


On November the 5th, my son Hunter and I lured this buck in with a Flambeau Boss Babe decoy. Once he locked in on her, it was a done deal. I shot him with my Stryker crossbow tipped with a 125 grain Muzzy broadhead. The Muzzy hit a little back as the buck reacted to the shot, but with my son as the tracker, a little perseverance, and a great broadhead, we found him 200yds. later. This is my best bowkill to date, but the best part is that I got to share it with my son. Once I checked the buck in, I then realized I harvested him on Nov. the 5th, the exact same day I harvested my buck last year, also an 8 pointer. What are the odds!

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