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Pennsylvania Whitetail

Pennsylvania Velvet Buck


Going into the opening day of Pennsylvania’s 2016 archery season, my mind was full of hope and optimism. After hunting all last season and not getting a chance to let an arrow fly, I was more then ready. In the morning I saw a few deer but no opportunities. That evening was quite the opposite. While at full draw waiting for a small 5 pointer to turn and give me a shot (which felt like forever) I heard something to my right. Both of the smaller bucks that were in front of me stopped and looked towards where I heard the noise coming from. I looked to my right and saw this buck coming my way. Needless to say I shifted my self and took aim at this full velvet 9 point. I stopped him as he entered my one shooting lane at 20 yards, put it on his vitals and let it rip. After trailing him for a long distance we lost blood and decided to come back the next morning. That next morning I was able to find my buck not far from where we stopped. Sure enough he took a hard turn on us and died not far from where we lost blood. This was one cool way to break in my brand new Bowtech BT-X 31. I was shooting a Black Eagle Arrows Spartan (new for 2016) tipped with a QAD Exodus broadhead.

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