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Whitetail Wisconsin

The Back Scratcher


I have been hunting this buck for a few years. Last year, my neighbor shot him high in the front shoulder and I helped him track for a couple hundred yards. After that I had him on camera a couple of times in mid December. This year he started showing up on camera in mid October so I know he was in the area. Last week I finally got time to put a stand up about 40 yards from that camera and sure enough he came by the first time I sat in that stand. I hit him a little back when I shot so I had to track him for about a half mile before I kicked him up and decided to pull out for the day. The next morning I went out and continued to track and found him in the area back where I shot him. He still had an open wound from where my neighbor shot him last year.
I was using a Mission Riot bow with a NAP Thunderhead.
He green scores as 183 1/4

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