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Pennsylvania Whitetail

Washington Twp. Buck of a Lifetime


At 6:45 a.m. on November 26th, I caught this 27 1/2″ wide SE PA bruiser following a doe. I drew back my Steady Form equipped Mathews Halon 6 and let my NAP Spitfire tipped Element Arrows Quake find their mark as I let it fly. One mule kick and 25 yards later he crashed! I knew he was decent but when I approached I couldn’t believe what was laying there….truly the buck of a lifetime! With a 25 1/4″ inside spread and 25″ main beams and really good mass he has me dreaming of that day constantly! Nothing in my wildest dreams could’ve brought me here yet here I am…..I am truly blessed to be able harvest such a magnificent creature! I have too many people in my life to thank here for helping to keep me positive during an otherwise very slow season…..thank you all!

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