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Where Should You Be Hanging Treestands?

by Bill Winke 0

Most bowhunters want to start their post-season scouting by walking everything and looking for the best sign: the heaviest trails,… more »


Better Aiming for Tighter Groups

by Levi Morgan 0

We all realize that to shoot a bow, some form of pushing and pulling has to take place — but… more »


The Keys to Late-Season Hunting

by Nick Pinizzotto 0

I first became acquainted with an Ohio buck I named Curfew following the 2014 season, when he showed up on… more »


Have You Tried These Proven Rut Tactics ?

by Bill Winke 0

Give me a beginner and a week of vacation during the best days of the rut, and seven days later… more »


6 Scent Setups You Need to Know

by Darron McDougal 0

Using lures and scents to attract whitetail bucks into archery range is nothing new; hunters have been doing it for ages…. more »

Walking Buck

How to Conquer the Rut’s Toughest Shots

by Bill Winke 0

Many of the shots we get while hunting from a treestand during the rut are different from any we practice…. more »

Shoot Your Biggest Buck

How to Shoot Your Biggest Buck Ever

by Bill Winke 0

Hunting deer is far from predictable. It is not like baking a pie or programming a computer, where you can… more »

Winke Extreme Scent Control 1

Extreme Scent Control for Serious Bowhunters

by Bill Winke 0

What I am about to tell you may shake up your thoughts about scent control. Back in 2002, I learned that… more »


Curve Ball: Change Your Luck by Changing Tactics

by Don Higgins 0

The yearling buck was right on the heels of the hot doe, grunting with each step he took. The pair… more »


The Best Days to Tag Trophy Bucks in 2016

by John Dudley 0

Last year marked the first time I shared my rut predictions with the readers of Petersen’s BOWHUNTING. In that article,… more »

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