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Pros and Cons of Summer Trail Cameras

by Jason Herbert   |  June 12th, 2012 10

We’re already on the front steps of summer. Should trail cameras be out right now? These questions might run through your head each and every summer. And depending on who you ask for advice, you get many different responses to running trail cameras in the summer months. Whenever I am faced with a difficult decision, I make a “pros” and “cons” list. Here’s mine regarding summer trail cameras.

  • Mike

    Good points.

  • thehousedad

    I use my trail cameras to not only take stock of what deer are on my land, but how serious of a predator issue I have. Last season, I noticed a sharp decline in deer activity on one camera watching a small food plot, only to notice further along in viewing pictures that I had a serious coyote issue in the part of the farm.

    Luckily my modern sporting rifle was up to that task…

  • Dennis

    I use them as a way to enjoy the hunting season all year long.

  • Doug

    I use them for inventory on new property as this year in kansas. And for fun. Kinda like always opening a new christmas present. You never know what your going to get

  • Stephen Cramer

    Reading this makes me want to go out and get a camera for my hunting spot! Good stuff!

  • Robert

    We keep ours out all year. A lot of fun, and like the original post , it gets the kids in the outdoors.

  • John ODonnell

    I put my trail cameras out when I visit andmaintain my tree stands in June. I find that some of the bucks I see that time of year are never seen during archery or gun season but it does give a good accounting of doe traffic and that is important when hunting bucks in the fall. Its more knowledge and knowledge is power

  • Will

    I put mine out to get the third pic of the big 8!! Had no idea he was famous….

  • Justin

    i set out trail cameras to get somewhat of an inventory of the deer, and to see the quality of some of the bucks i have been watching last year on the farm, mostly to see how much they have grown and to create a "hit list" of the deer that need to be taken off the property for management. plus i just like to feed them and see how beautiful they are.

  • Jason

    I'm glad to see so much feedback fellas! I just lined up a new spot, gonna get a mineral site going and set out a camera in a safe location tomorrow.

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