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Tips For Taking Hill Country Bucks in the Rut

by Alex Gyllstrom 0

Growing up in Southwest Michigan I didn’t have much experience hunting hill country until I started hunting out of state…. more »


How to Hunt Open Country Bucks in the Rut

by Alex Gyllstrom 0

It’s hard to believe it’s been almost a decade since I met my buddy Cody. We were hired separately to… more »


Have You Tried These Proven Rut Tactics ?

by Bill Winke 0

Give me a beginner and a week of vacation during the best days of the rut, and seven days later… more »

Walking Buck

How to Conquer the Rut’s Toughest Shots

by Bill Winke 0

Many of the shots we get while hunting from a treestand during the rut are different from any we practice…. more »


The Best Days to Tag Trophy Bucks in 2016

by John Dudley 0

Last year marked the first time I shared my rut predictions with the readers of Petersen’s BOWHUNTING. In that article,… more »


3 Scent Secrets to Lure Rutting Bucks

by Randy Hynes 0

With nearly 300-million olfactory receptors, whitetail deer are known to possess an extraordinary sense of smell. As hunters, we may… more »


5 Whitetail Deer Rut Tips That Actually Work

by Steve Flores 0

  Nothing conjures up more excitement for a bowhunter than that magical time we all know as the whitetail deer… more »


Moon Phase, Moon Position and the Whitetail Rut

by John Dudley 0

When it comes to killing big bucks, I’m a firm believer in the moon phase. And while rut hunting is… more »


Why Patterning and Killing Mature Bucks is Whitetail Hunting’s Ultimate Challenge

by Dr. Grant Woods 0

More and more archers are passing young bucks with the hope of tagging a more mature animal. In fact, the… more »


How Far Do Bucks Really Travel During the Rut?

by Darren Warner 0

It’s black as night, and I’m falling behind. I’m late getting to my stand, and a defective headlamp makes me… more »

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