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Illinois Live Hunt: All-Day Sit

by Christian Berg 1

Getting ready for an all-day sit down by a hot river crossing. Might not have another update until tonight.


Illinois Live Hunt: At the Mercy of a Woman

by Christian Berg 0

Hunting the peak of the rut sure is exciting, but there’s no getting around the fact that as a hunter,… more »


Illinois Live Hunt: Dealing with Mother Nature

by Christian Berg 5

Man, after an awesome hunt last evening, we were really pumped for today. Unfortunately, Mother Nature had other plans. We… more »

Illinois Live Hunt: Awesome First Evening

by Christian Berg 2

Yesterday was awesome! Literally as we pulled into the driveway at Riverbottom Bucks, a 130-inch 8-pointer walked across the driveway… more »


Illinois Live Hunt: On the Road

by Christian Berg 0

My buddy Tory and I left Pennsylvania yesterday and spent the night in Ohio. Now we’re back on the road… more »

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