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10 Best Treestand Hunting Tips

by Bill Winke 10

Treestand hunting is not an exact science. We all learn with experience, and there is definitely an element of “feel”… more »


5 Best Pieces of Bowhunting Advice

by Bill Winke 5

I have received plenty of good advice over the years on how to shoot a bow. In this column, I… more »


How a Solid Pre-Shot Routine Will Prevent Bow Misses

by Bill Winke 1

Field Editor Bill Winke shares what he learned from a hunt situation where the “big one” got away and how… more »


Video: Bill Winke’s Top Five Bow Shooting Tips

by Bill Winke 4

Petersen’s Bowhunting Field Editor Bill Winke give us his top five bow shooting tips http://brightcove=1422473340001


SHOT Show: Winke Wins!

by Christian Berg 1

Congratulations to Field Editor Bill Winke, whose “Midwest Whitetail” TV show picked up the Best Hunt Show award at last… more »


Late-Season Whitetail Tactics

by Bill Winke 0

The late season is tough; most hunters get discouraged when they realize just how tough it is. It only takes… more »


“No Sign” Strategies for Bucks

by Bill Winke 0

Even though a buck may spend most of the year in a square mile area, he can fail to leave… more »


Gallery: Trick or Treat Whitetails

by Bill Winke 0

These impressive bucks are among many Field Editor Bill Winke and his hunting companions have tagged during cold fronts that… more »


When Can You Hunt a Stand Again After Killing a Deer?

by Bill Winke 7

I have shot a lot of does over the years, and that has given me the chance to watch how… more »


How You Should Store Your Hunting Clothing

by Bill Winke 5

You definitely want to keep your activated carbon scent-absorbing hunting clothing and traditional hunting clothing separate. Activated charcoal will absorb… more »

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