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Bear Archery Unveils 2013 Bow Lineup

by Christian Berg 10

Hard to believe it’s that time of year already, but Bear Archery became the first major player in the archery… more »


Crossbows vs. Compounds: Comparing Apples to Apples

by Bob Humphrey 24

We’ve all heard the story of William Tell, and most remember the gist of the tale. As punishment for failing… more »

I’ve owned this BowTech compound more than six years.  It’s been used hard without so much as a string change. I use it still today because I like the way it shoots – and as you can see, it still gets the job done.

Buying A Used Bow

by Patrick Meitin 4

In these tough financial times it’s tough to justify a brand-new bow.  Be that as it may, owning a bow… more »


ATA: The Elite Answer

by Christian Berg 1

Elite Archery is showing off its new bow, the Answer, at this week’s ATA Show. I just drew the Answer… more »


Quest’s new Torrent: A Good Value Bow

by Christian Berg 2

Quest Bowhunting doesn’t necessarily generate as much buzz as some of the more glamorous bow makers, but the company (a… more »

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Building a Bowtech Bow

by Brock Norman 1

Get an all-access pass at BowTech headquarters as BOWHUNTING Editor Christian Berg builds his custom Destroyer 340 bow.

July 2011 Center Shots

What Makes a Forgiving Bow?

by Brock Norman 1

Field Editor Bill Winke discusses the relationship between brace height and bow speed and how they impact a bow’s forgiveness.

When test shooting a bow, do so with only a full-capture style rest installed. That way, you can be sure whatever  noise you hear is coming from the bow.

Winke: Tips For Selecting Your Compound Bow

by Bill Winke 2

There is a lot more to selecting a bow than many readers realize. Marketing may bring a particular bow to… more »

June 2011 Center Shots

Winke’s Must-Know Tips For Selecting A New Bow

by Brock Norman 5

Field Editor Bill Winke discusses important factors to consider when purchasing a new bow.

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