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Win a BowTech Insanity & Antelope Hunt Here!

by Christian Berg 0

  BowTech has announced its annual “Need for Speed Sweepstakes,” which will award the lucky winner with a 2012 Insanity… more »


7 Great Bows For Under $600

by Bill Winke 8

Let’s assume you want to retire your old bow. You have been saving for a year and finally have $600 in your pocket. Which one should you buy? Are any of them worth it? Well, let’s go out into the marketplace and find out.


22 Must-See New Bows for 2012

by Staff Report 6

We’ve come a long way since sticks and strings…here are the latest and greatest new bows for 2012 that you’ll… more »


BowTech Unveils the Insanity!

by Christian Berg 18

BowTech kicked off the 2012 Archery Trade Show this morning by unveiling the Insanity CPX, the company’s flagship bow for… more »


Bowhunting Radio: Learning More About BowTech Archery

by Christian Berg 1

Petersen’s BOWHUNTING Radio brought to you by Easton is the official podcast of hardcore archers. Join BOWHUNTING Editor Christian Berg… more »


20 Great Bows For 2011

by Bill Winke 10

by Bill Winke Many of the Great Bows of 2011 follow the same three trends we have been seeing over… more »

Picture 20

Building a Bowtech Bow

by Brock Norman 1

Get an all-access pass at BowTech headquarters as BOWHUNTING Editor Christian Berg builds his custom Destroyer 340 bow.

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