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Is Wisconsin the Next Crossbow State?

by Christian Berg 3

State after state has liberalized its crossbow-hunting regulations in recent years, and Wisconsin could be the next domino to fall…. more »

Photo courtesy of TenPoint

Study Shows Michigan Crossbow Hunters Have Doubled Since 2009

by Christian Berg 4

It’s no secret crossbows have become a pretty big deal in the archery world. A decade-long national trend toward the… more »


Crossbows vs. Compounds: Comparing Apples to Apples

by Bob Humphrey 24

We’ve all heard the story of William Tell, and most remember the gist of the tale. As punishment for failing… more »


5 Best Pieces of Bowhunting Advice

by Bill Winke 5

I have received plenty of good advice over the years on how to shoot a bow. In this column, I… more »

Ten-year-old Logan Maust of Smock, Pa., took this wide 8-pointer last fall using an Excalibur crossbow. New regulations adopted in Kansas will allow youth hunters there to use crossbows in that state's big-game seasons.

Kansas Expands Crossbow Use for Youth, Seniors

by Christian Berg 0

  Wildlife officials in Kansas voted last week to allow youth hunters (ages 15 and under) and senior hunters (ages… more »

Cross Hero

New Kid on the Crossbow Block

by Christian Berg 0

It’s no secret that the crossbow market remains the fastest-growing segment of the archery industry. And that being the case,… more »

Before taking your crossbow into the field, it’s important to practice until you are familiar with your bolt trajectory at various ranges. This photo shows the point of impact from Doug Koenig’s TenPoint crossbow using the 20-yard crosshair at 20, 30 and 40 yards.

Determining Maximum Range for a Crossbow

by Doug Koenig 1

What is the maximum range for a crossbow? That’s a tough question to answer. Modern crossbows typically generate speeds anywhere… more »

When selecting a crossbow, pay careful attention to the quality of the trigger. A crisp trigger mechanism that allows you to execute the shot with minimal travel is key to maximizing your accuracy.

Trigger Tactics For Crossbows

by Doug Koenig 2

One of the most important features on a firearm is the trigger. I would rather have a really good trigger… more »

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