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Get Your Spring Food Plot Advice Here!

by Christian Berg 0

I don’t know about you, but I am excited about this early spring weather, and I can’t wait to get… more »


Bowhunting Radio: Spring Seeding for Food Plots

by Christian Berg 0

In this latest installment of Petersen’s Bowhunting Radio, Whitetail management guru Dr. Grant Woods offers his advice for a successful… more »


Hope in a Box: Food Plot Seed Arrives!

by Christian Berg 1

The temperature here in Pennsylvania today is about 65 degrees, and although the calendar says spring doesn’t begin until March… more »


Modern Food Plot Practices: Are We Poisoning Ourselves?

by Christian Berg 15

I need to tell you right up front I’m not a tree hugger. I don’t drink raw milk, buy groceries… more »

A little time, effort and money spent creating hidey-hole food plots can pay off in the form of nice bucks such as this.

Hidey-Hole Whitetail Food Plots

by Brad M. Mormann and Dr. Grant R. Woods 0

Closing the distance on a mature buck is more art than science. Throughout the off-season, hunters like us are continually… more »


How To Create A Whitetail Hunting Habitat

by Bill Winke 2

Q: My dad and I have a 60-acre crop farm. We are looking for information on how to create a… more »


Planting Food Plots Without Implements

by Bill Winke 0

When you’re facing a situation where you might not have the equipment you need for a food plot or the… more »

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