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10 Best Treestand Hunting Tips

by Bill Winke 10

Treestand hunting is not an exact science. We all learn with experience, and there is definitely an element of “feel”… more »


Ground Attack: Bowhunting Whitetails without a Blind

by Tracy Breen 10

The most popular way to hunt whitetails is from a treestand. It has been the preferred method of bowhunters for… more »


The Elk-Hunting Code

by Patrick Meitin 3

Elk seasons will soon be upon us. After 30-some years of passionately chasing elk – 23 of those spent guiding… more »


5 Best Pieces of Bowhunting Advice

by Bill Winke 5

I have received plenty of good advice over the years on how to shoot a bow. In this column, I… more »


Late-Season Whitetail Tactics

by Bill Winke 0

The late season is tough; most hunters get discouraged when they realize just how tough it is. It only takes… more »


When Should You Start Shooting Does During Hunting Season?

by Bill Winke 5

I get this question often: when should you start shooting does during hunting season? I try and shoot  whitetail does… more »


Connect On That Buck: Learn To Shoot At The Golden Triangle

by Bowhunting Staff Report 2

Bowhunter’s are often taught to aim behind the shoulder. While there’s some truth to that statement, every bowhunter should know… more »

Compact, fixed-blade broadheads and even smaller mechanical versions that are less prone to wind-planing have made it possible to shoot fast arrows more accurately than at any other time in history. Does this create the opportunity for more aggressive shot selection while hunting?

Winke’s Beliefs On Modern Shot Selection

by Bill Winke 5

by Bill Winke I get a lot of questions on my Web site about shot selection. People generally question a… more »

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