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Turkey Hunting

10 Best States for Turkey Hunting in 2014

by Patrick Meitin   |  April 7th, 2014 2

I think most serious bowhunters would agree that the best turkey-hunting destination is typically anywhere a season is open, you have legal tags in your pocket and ready access.

But when it comes to seriously bowhunting turkeys, particular criteria certainly makes one place better than another. The biggest factor by far is an abundance of dumb birds, but that’s not all there is to think about.

There are many other important factors to weigh when ranking the best states for turkey hunting. For example, there are a lot of gobblers in Alabama, but there are also a helluva lot of turkey hunters and those birds are about as skittish as they come. Alabama is a fine place to hunt turkeys, but it certainly has its limitations.

You also have to consider how difficult it is to hunt turkeys in any given state. We all love a good challenge, but impossible odds don’t always make for the best hunting.

Also, the more birds you can call into bow range, the more opportunities you have to fill turkey tags. Calling in large numbers of mature gobblers is only possible in regions where birds receive minimal hunting pressure. This normally isn’t going to happen in certain regions, so it’s important to factor that into the equation.

Here’s my logic for the best bowhunting spots in the country: lots of lightly-hunted birds, readily-accessible land (either public or private lands where a polite knock still opens doors to hunting) and a reasonable availability of tags.

  • AR.Hunter.308

    Wisconsin — The draw is pretty much 100%, because after the draw, there’s always leftover tags that you can walk up to the counter and buy. Also, I can tell you firsthand the “mostly on farmlands” statement isn’t true anymore. Maybe 5 years ago. Now there’s so many turkeys you see them everywhere. I can’t drive down the road to the grocery store without see in a flock. They’re everywhere — in the woods, in towns, up north, farmlands, you name it. The last 2 years I’ve gotten mine the first morning I hunt.

  • KeithSr

    I think you should check out Pennsylvania too. The gobblers here are nearly untouched by the residents.

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