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Moon Phase, Moon Position and the Whitetail Rut

by John Dudley 0

When it comes to killing big bucks, I’m a firm believer in the moon phase. And while rut hunting is… more »


Extra Thick

by Aaron Decker 0

September 8th 2015 a buck we call moose hit the dirt in southern Delaware. After two years of watching this… more »


The Trembling Giant: An Elk-Hunting Feature Film

by Christian Berg 0

  One of the coolest developments I’ve seen in the hunting community in recent years is a dramatic improvement in… more »


Fred Bear: The Father of Bowhunting

by Christian Berg 0

If you are a bowhunter, then you know who Fred Bear is—or at least you should. But while just about… more »


Second Chance Axis Deer

by Christian Berg 2

Petersen’s BOWHUNTING Editor Christian Berg whiffs on a Texas axis deer doe but gets an unexpected chance to make some… more »


Shooting The Big One: Bowhunting Trophy Bucks

by Bill Winke 5

Field Editor Bill Winke talks about the mental challenges of bowhunting trophy bucks.

BOWHUNTING Editor Christian Berg fires at an aerial target launched by Laporte Archery's Phoenix thrower.

Aerial Target Shooting: Addictive Archery Fun!

by Christian Berg 2

If you’ve ever done any trapshooting, you know that trying to blast those clay birds out of the sky with… more »


First Blood: Introducing Children To Bowhunting

by Bill Winke 0

Thinking of introducing your child to bowhunting? Bill Winke shares with us his son’s first bowhunt and the steps involved… more »


3 Most Important Lessons Learned From Shots On 100 Does

by Bill Winke 6

Bill Winke shares with us the three most important bow lessons he learned from a doe culling effort that was… more »


Pointblank Moose!

by Staff Report 0

Check out these up close and exciting ground-level kill shots on North American’s largest antlered animal. Want more action like… more »

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