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Moon Phase, Moon Position and the Whitetail Rut

by John Dudley 0

When it comes to killing big bucks, I’m a firm believer in the moon phase. And while rut hunting is… more »


Extra Thick

by Aaron Decker 0

September 8th 2015 a buck we call moose hit the dirt in southern Delaware. After two years of watching this… more »


The Trembling Giant: An Elk-Hunting Feature Film

by Christian Berg 0

  One of the coolest developments I’ve seen in the hunting community in recent years is a dramatic improvement in… more »


Fred Bear: The Father of Bowhunting

by Christian Berg 0

If you are a bowhunter, then you know who Fred Bear is—or at least you should. But while just about… more »


Second Chance Axis Deer

by Christian Berg 2

Petersen’s BOWHUNTING Editor Christian Berg whiffs on a Texas axis deer doe but gets an unexpected chance to make some… more »


Shooting The Big One: Bowhunting Trophy Bucks

by Bill Winke 5

Field Editor Bill Winke talks about the mental challenges of bowhunting trophy bucks. http://brightcove=1697394655001

BOWHUNTING Editor Christian Berg fires at an aerial target launched by Laporte Archery's Phoenix thrower.

Aerial Target Shooting: Addictive Archery Fun!

by Christian Berg 2

If you’ve ever done any trapshooting, you know that trying to blast those clay birds out of the sky with… more »


First Blood: Introducing Children To Bowhunting

by Bill Winke 0

Thinking of introducing your child to bowhunting? Bill Winke shares with us his son’s first bowhunt and the steps involved… more »


3 Most Important Lessons Learned From Shots On 100 Does

by Bill Winke 6

Bill Winke shares with us the three most important bow lessons he learned from a doe culling effort that was… more »


Pointblank Moose!

by Staff Report 0

Check out these up close and exciting ground-level kill shots on North American’s largest antlered animal. http://brightcove=1526781204001 Want more action… more »

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