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Christian Berg: Stuck In The Rut Crossbows Hog

Strange Brew: Helicopter Hog Hunting With A Crossbow

by Christian Berg   |  February 28th, 2012 15

I realize the whole topic of crossbows and crossbow hunting can be a bit controversial among Petersen’s BOWHUNTING readers. However, I’m not here today to engage in a crossbow debate. I just want to share this video, courtesy of Wildgame Nation, of a recent feral hog hunt conducted from a helicopter using a Barnett crossbow.

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This event was billed as the “first-ever helicopter hog hunt with a crossbow.” I’m not sure if there’s any way to verify that, but it’s almost certainly the first time anyone did it with a video camera and posted the results on the Internet!

As you can see for yourself in the video, the crossbow was certainly an effective killing tool. Quite frankly, I’m not sure how to react to this footage. is it cool? Crazy? Over the top? One thing you can’t deny is that it’s interesting viewing. I’d be interested in your take on this. So, give it a look and chime in.


  • Chris

    Hi Christian,
    First off, I enjoy your podcast. It's one of the best hunting podcast available. Frankly, I find this video disgusting. I would love to have the chance to hunt pigs(we don't have many in my area). However, I feel that chasing them with a helicopter is about as far away from fair chase as it comes. Why not drive around in the back of a truck with a machine gun? It is essentially the same thing. The immaturity of the Busbices is also a big turn off for me. You don't have to be somber and I understand he feels like he has to play it up for the cameras. However, he's laughing and giggling like a school girl. Basically, he makes it look like he's playing a video game. If I were an anti-hunting group I would take this video and show it to everyone I know. Thanks Busbice brothers. You've probably set hunting back 10 years with this video.

    • ridge runner

      The name of the game is to get rid of the pigs. You state that you do not have many in your area.When trying to get rid of a problem like this you do what works the best.

    • Eddie

      Lighten up Chris. It is not hunting, it is killing a varmit pest, in what appears to be a fun and entertaining manner. Looks like a lot of fun to me. More so then riding around in the back of a pick-up truck shooting hogs with a machine gun, although that would also be a lot of fun. He is laughing because he is having fun. Much unlike your whining. One does not "hunt" hogs. One goes out and kill the SOBs before they mutiply and continue their devastation to our enviroment. Hogs have two to three litters a year,and can wreak havoc on the food supply for other wildlife. These hogs are domestic animals gone wild. They do not belong in the wild and we should do everythying we can to eliminate these animals from the wild. Come on down and we can have fun doing so. Not bad table fare either. Have a little cheese with your whine and chill out.

  • Christian Berg

    Chris, thanks for your comments. As I said in my blog post, I am not sure how to react to the footage myself. Part of it does seem over the top to me. But if their intention was to generate some publicity, then I think they accomplished their mission.

    However, just for the record, I do NOT think anyone involved is really calling this hunting. It's part of hog eradication efforts. You may not have ever been to Texas, but I've been down there several times to hunt and know from my experience down there that it is common practice to use rifle and shotgun shooters in helicopters to control hogs and coyotes, and there are companies such as the one used in this video that do nothing but provide that service to the ranchers because of all the destruction the hogs do the property and the coyotes do in killing calves, lambs, deer, turkeys and the like.

  • Wen Thornton

    I agree this is not hunting, this is exterminating an animal that is causing millions of dollars of farm land. I was impressed with the shooting. I use a Stryker and I can appreciate great moving shots like these and I am sure that the farmer was quite happy with the results. We have the eastern coyote to deal with now they are being hunted with dogs and shotguns. Whatever it takes to get ur done..I'm sure the meat was put to good use at a food bank or another program…

  • Tom Addleman

    I think it's a black mark on the face of hunting. While it might be providing a service to farmers, the "yeah rah rah" stuff really will turn people off. Not to mention the whole aircraft/crossbow combo. I think this is immature and lacking responsibility for a company to post on the internet. This makes all hunters look awful.

  • Tracy

    To all the squeamish folks on here, would you have a problem with these kind of tactics if they were used on, say, sewer rats? I think not, but the fact is that hogs in Texas (and many other southern states) are basically on the same order as rats, and helicopter hunting is one of the few effective tactics for reducing the population.

  • Bill S.

    I live in central Texas and we have a huge hog problem. 50 acres a night of freshly planted corn field can be devastated. Now the hogs are getting within bow range to our back yard. I have two little ones and I don't want them to be attacked by these wild animals. I have seen what they do to dogs and other hogs. Scary. Kill them all before it becomes worse than just a problem.

  • steven flynn

    Great idea,its a faster way of controling the population of a crop devistating species so why not have some fun doing it. Hunting them on foot would not even put a dent in their population.With the amount of damage these animals do and the the fact that they breed like rabbits[ maybe even more]kudos to you men and to those who have a problem with your method of what I would classify as speed hunting ,screw them!

  • Dave

    I live in east Texas and you kill the bastards any way you can !

  • Jake

    Gotta love rednecks with money!

  • Julius

    All I can say from being retired military is to do that from a chopper with a crossbow must have been one wild ride for you as you leaned out to shoot those hogs, great shooting!

  • mnicediver

    I am sure that you recovered all the bolts shot from the crossbow. One of them in a tractor tire will sure make a farmer happy for the down time to fix a flat or worse if it has to be replaced! Great thinking on your part!

  • Captgrumpy

    I would love to come down for a ride to hunt down those pesky rutters. Have 6.8 AR and ammo, will travel!

  • kevin yates

    u should not class yourself as a bowhunter or hunter, if u have doubt in the way people would react why show it? lining your back pockets thats all not wooring what you are doing the reputation of decent hunters

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