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Christian Berg: Stuck In The Rut Whitetail

Illinois Live Hunt: Dealing with Mother Nature

by Christian Berg   |  November 7th, 2011 5

Man, after an awesome hunt last evening, we were really pumped for today. Unfortunately, Mother Nature had other plans. We awoke to a steady rain, and conditions didn’t get much better throughout the morning. I sat until 11 a.m. and saw only one yearling buck. Tory did see another big, 150-class 10-pointer at 55 yards. He was with a group of seven does, but they moved through early in the morning and then he didn’t see anything else.

On days like this, I am at least thankful for quality gear – especially a tree umbrella. These $20 items are real hunt savers, and while the hunting wasn’t what I wanted this morning, at least I was able to say dry and comfortable. That tree umbrella really kept me in the game!

The rain has let up a bit now. Time for some hot soup and then back at it. I hope the deer are moving this evening.

  • adecker44

    Now is the time to be in your stand all day long Christian!

  • John Rexroat

    You in the Junction Stand today?

  • Christian Berg

    Yes, I SHOULD be in my stand all day. We all SHOULD be in our stands all day. But you know what? I prefer to take a short break in the middle of the day, get something to eat and get a change of scenery for the evening hunt. Might it cost me? Sure. But one thing I feel strongly about is that every hunter should do what they can live with. And that means if you want to sit all day, every day, then by all means have at it. You and my man Eddie Claypool are warriors!

  • Christian Berg

    Rexy, no Junction today. I decided not to bother with that in this lousy weather. I'll be back down there tomorrow.

  • John Rexroat

    Well good luck and keep the post coming it is absolutely killing me not being able to hunt down there this week, however I will see you all Thursday night so leave some deer would you?

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