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Modern Food Plot Practices: Are We Poisoning Ourselves?

by Christian Berg 15

I need to tell you right up front I’m not a tree hugger. I don’t drink raw milk, buy groceries… more »


SHOT Show: Winke Wins!

by Christian Berg 1

Congratulations to Field Editor Bill Winke, whose “Midwest Whitetail” TV show picked up the Best Hunt Show award at last… more »


SHOT Show: Rocky Athletic Mobility

by Christian Berg 2

Rocky today unveiled a new, three-part hunting apparel system called Rocky Athletic Mobility, or Ram – complete with a Ram… more »


ATA: Stealth Cam’s new Drone

by Christian Berg 6

One cool product I saw this morning at the show is the new Drone remote trail camera system from Stealth… more »


Hunter Safety System Hybrid

by Christian Berg 1

I am a firm believer in treestand safety and never leave the ground without a full-body harness. Hunter Safety System… more »


Late-Season Whitetail Tactics

by Bill Winke 0

The late season is tough; most hunters get discouraged when they realize just how tough it is. It only takes… more »


170+ Buck Poached in Pennsylvania

by Christian Berg 3

I hate it when big bucks like this are poached. Just imagine was a trophy this would have been for… more »


He Was a She! 30-Point Illinois ‘Buck’ Was a Doe

by Christian Berg 10

I don’t think I’ve ever seen an antlered doe, but I’d sure like to. They always seem to have these… more »


Texas Whitetail Hunt: Big Buck Down

by Christian Berg 0

My bowhunting success definitely seems to come in bunches, and 2011 has been a very good year. As you can… more »


Bowhunting Radio: Late Season Strategies

by admin 0

Editor Christian Berg and Field Editor Patrick Meitin offer insights for bowhunting whitetails during the late season. To listen to… more »

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