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Ginger Morehead

by Darron McDougal   |  April 21st, 2017 0

Ginger Morehead

With many podium stands under her belt — including an NABH World Championship title, two Rookie of the Year and eight National Shooter of the Year awards, seven World Champion titles, four Redding titles and an NFAA National Field Championship title where she broke the existing record (and many, many more) — Ginger Morehead admits that she wasn’t a natural-born sharpshooter.

“When I first started bowhunting, I was terrible,” she said. “At the time, I didn’t realize what it was, but I had severe target panic. I don’t know how many deer I missed or grazed because I’d panic and jerk the trigger when my pin touched fur. Plus, I’d been set up with an ill-fitting bow. The bowstring always slapped my arm.”

Morehead’s now husband, Jesse, was instrumental in helping her improve her shooting and join the competition circuit.

“I was guiding hunters at a ranch in Texas, and Jesse flew in and brought Susan Thompson-Davis who’d won several world archery titles,” she said. “I realized I was interested in shooting competitively, but knew I needed help. Susan invited me to spend the summer with her in Georgia so that Jesse could coach me. I accepted the offer, and he taught me the correct way shoot.”


Fortunately, coaching and competition archery helped Ginger choose better-fitting equipment and thwart her bowhunting blunders.

“Everything started making sense, and I was taught the proper mechanics of form, technique and shot execution using a hinge (back-tension) release,” Morehead said. “As a matter of fact, I now hunt with the same hinge release I use for target shooting. Sure, I’ve had to let animals walk away because I couldn’t get the shot off, but to me, that’s better than reverting to my old habits – target panic and trigger punching – and missing or wounding animals.”

The same Ginger who struggled in the bowhunting woods quickly found success on the competition circuit, first as an amateur, then as a pro.


“I was blessed with lots of success right off the bat,” she said. “And, I started making better shots on game, too.”

Morehead now holds a special place in her heart for bowhunting whitetails around Nov. 14, which is Jesse’s and her anniversary.

“In three different years, Jesse and I have killed bucks on or within one day of our anniversary.”

Morehead has appeared on Muzzy videos, Realtree Monster Bucks, Realtree Roadtrips, Whitetail Country and Secrets of the Hunt. She even co-hosted Stayin’ Safe with Jesse & Ginger for five years.”

Morehead’s priority hierarchy puts God and family before archery and bowhunting.

“This year, our son Jake is a high school senior, and he’s a great football player with intentions of playing college football,” she said. “This is his last year at home, and I don’t want to miss a second with him. Other than shooting a couple of local/regional tournaments and the ASA Classic in August, I’m taking the year off and won’t be bowhunting or competing at the levels I have in the past. But, I’ll be back at it again next year, Lord willing.”


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