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Melissa Bachman

by Darron McDougal   |  April 20th, 2017 0

Melissa Bachman

Most female outdoor-TV personalities co-host a show with their significant other. Not Melissa Bachman, who hosts her own show, Winchester Deadly Passion, which first aired on Pursuit Channel in 2006 and now airs on Wild TV and Sportsman Channel. By trait, she’s tough as nails and as hardworking as they come.

Bachman practically grew up with a bow in her hands.

“My parents shot their bows in the yard all the time, and at age 5, they bought me my first bow,” she said. From there, bowhunting became Bachman’s lifestyle. “By age 12, I’d finally done enough pushups to draw a 40-pound bow, which was the Minnesota minimum,” she said.

Little did Bachman realize that those very pushups were the beginning of her never-back-down philosophy. You see, she didn’t automatically land in front of the camera.

“After graduating with a double major in Spanish and TV production, nobody would hire me due to lack of experience,” she said, “so I decided to work for free and became an unpaid intern for four months. I proved my work ethic and determination, and was then hired as a full-time producer.”


Bachman filmed and edited hunting shows for other people for the following four years.

“I slowly made my way in front of the camera, working long hours on my days off and filming my own hunts,” she said. “It all paid off, and now I’m able to do what I love 24/7.”

Bachman’s story is proof that success rarely comes easy. “There will be obstacles,” she said. “People will tell you ‘no,’ but you must believe in yourself and never quit. Others may have more skills than you, but you can outwork them. That will set you apart.”


Of course, Bachman is a strong ambassador for women bowhunters.

“I believe it’s incredibly important that every girl/woman has a female role model in their life, pushing them and showing them that they can succeed. I hope to convey that message to all girls and women.”

The demands of her TV show keep Bachman on the road approximately 300 days a year. “Between hunting season and trade shows, I’m traveling nonstop,” she said.

“Although I see beautiful places and meet amazing people, it can be difficult. The hardest part was always dragging bags in and out of each location every week.”

Fortunately, Bachman has streamlined her road life with a new “home away from home,” as she fondly put it. Her new 32-foot Range Master Trailers custom hunting trailer is decked out with beautiful Signature Quarters living quarters.

“Range Master Trailers are designed for hunting, so I have a carcass lift on the back to hang and process my own game,” Bachman shared. “I also have a large space for my Kawasaki Mule, an outdoor grilling and entertainment area to enjoy the evenings and a big freezer to keep my meat and capes frozen.”


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