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Samantha Morgan

by Emily Kantner   |  April 20th, 2017 0

Samantha Morgan

The bow life is all Samantha Morgan has ever known.

She picked up her first bow at age 8 and was competing in archery tournaments by the time she was 10 years old. Samantha was ready for a tougher challenge and moved up to the women’s class at age 13 – edging out the adults to win her first shoot and several more over the next two years.

After winning five tournaments in her one year as a semi-pro, Samantha went pro her senior year of high school and has been competing at the elite level ever since. She has won many tournaments throughout her career, including world championships and national triple crowns.

Although she grew up flinging arrows and reading her dad’s hunting magazines, Samantha only started bowhunting when she was 17.

“I was one of three girls and the most tomboyish,” she said. “My dad would beg me to hunt with him. I turned him down for years, but I finally went and was successful one of my first times out.”


She met her future husband and fellow competitor, Levi, at an archery tournament in 2006, and he helped her learn more about bowhunting over the next few years. But when Levi asked her to quit her job to film a hunting show, Samantha was hesitant. Although she enjoyed hunting, she didn’t share the same passion for the sport that she saw in her dad and husband – but that all changed when she was introduced to the Midwest.

“Levi got me out of Pennsylvania, and I eventually fell in love with bowhunting,” she said. “Hands down, nothing beats bowhunting whitetails — then muleys and elk. I love the spot and stalk. I love feeling like a little ninja on the ground.”

Levi and Samantha appeared on Name the Game on the Sportsman Channel for several seasons and recently joined forces with apparel company Bow Life to launch Bow Life TV. According to Samantha, the partnership was a match made in heaven.

“It was God’s perfect timing,” she said. “They have always wanted a face, and we have always wanted the name. We were a perfect match.”


The rebranded show will chronicle Levi and Samantha’s archery-centric life – from pro tournaments to bowhunting adventures with their son in tow. Four-year-old Landon already shoots his own bow and sat in a ground blind with Samantha during a recent hunting trip to their family farm in Ohio.

“We had two nice bucks come within 15 yards of us,” she said. “He did a great job and stayed quiet the whole time!”

Entering the industry when she did, Samantha says that the bowhunting world has welcomed her with open arms.

“Women before me have paved the way and set the bar pretty high. Tiffany Lakosky, Kandi Kisky, Vicky Cianciurulo – they did it first, and it allowed me and other women to get into the industry,” she said. “People are realizing now more than ever that women love bowhunting.”


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