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Sarah Bowmar

by Emily Kantner   |  April 20th, 2017 0

Sarah Bowmar

In just three years, Sarah Bowmar went from vegetarian to accomplished bowhunter.

With no family ties to hunting and no method of obtaining ethically raised meat, she opted for a vegetarian diet for several years. But in 2014, she met Josh, her future husband and a lifelong hunter, who explained the crucial role hunters play in conservation and wildlife management.

Sarah purchased her first bow that February and shot a turkey in Ohio just six weeks later. She was instantly hooked on the sport and has gone on to arrow a variety of species throughout the United States and all over the world. From longbeards to blue wildebeest and from Ohio to South Africa, Sarah has hunted exclusively with a bow.

As a certified personal trainer and former bikini competitor, Sarah’s fitness background has helped her thrive in the outdoors. She remains in top physical condition not only to lead a healthy lifestyle but also to finely tune her most important tool as a hunter — her body.


Sarah employs a combination of strength training — including exercises that target the muscles used in archery — and cardio — strictly stair climber sessions that simulate hiking. These strategic workouts have helped her increase her draw weight and build endurance for spot-and-stalk hunting. She’s then able to be more successful in the field and partake of the protein she harvests, which in turn helps her maintain peak performance for hunting.

“It’s a cycle that helps me continue to grow stronger,” she said.

In fact, Sarah sources all her meat through hunting and does not buy any commercially raised meat other than fresh seafood.

Bowhunting also provides Sarah and her husband opportunities to give back by sharing fresh meat. Together they’ve donated more than 12,000 meals to families in need. Just two animals they harvested in South Africa fed 350 local children for two weeks.


Although Sarah is committed to ethical bowhunting, she faces constant backlash following each post on social media — including some serious threats. She focuses on educating her critics and acknowledges that she too was ignorant of the important role hunting plays in conservation before Josh introduced her to the sport.

“Now I love the spiritual connection of hunting for my own meat,” she said.

While Sarah has faced plenty of online adversity from anti-hunters, she is already earning the respect of the hunting community — both men and women — because she puts in the effort to be a serious bowhunter. She actively prepares for each season, including setting up blinds and planting corn. Sarah realizes the experience just doesn’t have the same value if she’s not participating in the off-season grunt work that leads to bowhunting success.


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