10 New Arrows for 2013

10 New Arrows for 2013

One of the most exciting areas of change within the bowhunting world has been in arrow technology, where companies like Easton have really drilled down on reduced diameter shafts. With higher speeds, deeper penetration and less wind disruption, the super slim arrows appear to be the wave of the future.

The other cool thing we saw at the 2013 Archery Trade Association (ATA) Show in Louisville, Ky., was the new Maxima Red hunting arrow from Carbon Express, which is made from material with three different levels of stiffness along the shaft to control dynamic spine. The result is a deadly accurate arrow that figures to be a big player in 2013.

With the latest exclusive coverage from the 2013 ATA Show, we at Petersen's Bowhunting bring you 10 new arrows for 2013.

Maxima Red

All-new Maxima Red hunting arrows from Carbon Express are designed with stiffer ends to contain and control dynamic spine, shifting it to the middle of the shaft, or the 'œRed Zone' as Carbon Express would have it.

The result is a hunting arrow that provides superior broadhead accuracy and tighter groups. Maxima Red arrows are sorted for consistent weight (+/-1 grain) and spine (+/-.0025-inch). Every Red shaft is also laser checked for straightness (+/-.0025-inch).

New LaunchPad precision nocks are also installed to deliver controlled arrow release and better shaft alignment to further improve accuracy. Red technology is so effective only two spine options are required to handle bows from 40-92 pounds.

MSRP: $84.99 per 6 fletched

Easton HEXX

Easton'™s new HEXX hunting arrows are all about flat-out, barn-burning speed. These lightweight yet rugged arrows feature the highest-caliber tolerances of any carbon arrow produced by Easton to date, combining flat trajectories, reduced diameter penetration and off-the-chart factory precision.

Each includes a factory-installed Easton H Nock and comes with Microlite H inserts promoting faster down-range arrow speeds. Plus, each shaft is guaranteed to hold straightness tolerances within +/-.001-inch.

They are being offered in 480 spine weighing 6.3 gpi, 400 weighing 7.2 gpi and 330 weighing 7.9 gpi.

MSRP: $93.99 per 6 with Blazer vanes

Outfitter Camo Carbon Arrow

Outfitter Camo carbon arrows from Cabela'™s pack everything serious bowhunters want into a single package. They start with a precision, multidirectional carbon-fiber core surrounded by high-strength composite fibers and micro-smooth finish for quiet draws and easier target extraction.

The reduced-diameter design increases penetration and decreases wind drift, thicker walls making them nail tough during hard impacts. High-visibility, factory-installed crest helps track arrow placement. They'™re offered in 55/70 (.400 deflection, 8.6 gpi) and 65/80 (.340 deflection, 9.5 gpi) and include Easton H Nocks and precision HP Inserts.

MSRP: $60 per 6, fletched

AeroBolt II

New for 2013, Firenock brings you the AeroBolt II in lengths from 20-26 inches. Each is engineered for maximum flight stability plus speed, with stiffer primary shaft deflection of .200 with an inner diameter of .350-inch.

The 26-inch version is assembled without any metal parts, including integral hybrid inserts, to weigh 300 grains. They include +/-.001-inch straightness and marked spine indexing, plus dual spine front to back for faster recovery during launch.

The AeroBolt II Dragon Slayer is a heavier version delivering maximum momentum and penetration, with .092-inch thick walls. It includes two inner shafts running its entire length and AeroInsert-DS installed at the factory. Finished weight is about 750 grains, including three stability-enhancing Aerovane IIIs.

MSRP: $23-$38 each

Mutiny Slasher

Building on the success of last year'™s popular Mutiny arrow, Carbon Express introduces the new Mutiny Slasher. The Slasher is made of lighter carbon to deliver more speed, flatter trajectories and tighter pin gaps.

The shaft'™s high-polish finish also means they are quiet when drawn across the rest and easy to remove from targets. Each set of Mutiny Slashers is sorted for weight consistency within +/-2 grains. They'™re also laser checked for straightness, offering +/-.003-inch maximum deviation. They come standard with new LaunchPad precision nocks, a design providing precision fit and top-notch accuracy.

MSRP: $55 per 6/fletched

Easton Aftermath

Easton'™s all-new Aftermath arrows are designed to give bowhunters the benefits of high-strength, small-diameter carbon at an affordable price. The Aftermath'™s reduced-diameter, multi-layer carbon reduces wind drift and increases penetration, while precision H nocks ensure a consistent interface with the bowstring.

Meanwhile, an ultra-smooth finish ensures a quiet draw across the arrow rest and easier extraction from foam targets. The Aftermath is available in 500 (7.3 gpi), 400 (8.8 gpi), 340 (9.5 gpi) and 300 (10.2 gpi) deflections.

MSRP: $44.99 per 6/with Blazer vanes

VAP Carbon Arrows

Victory Archery'™s VAP (Victory Armour Piercing) carbon arrows set a new standard for bowhunting performance. Independent testing shows VAP'™s ultra-low diameter, thick-walled design translates into deeper penetration, increased accuracy, less flight noise and reduced wind drift.

They include 100 percent high-modulus carbon fiber construction, standard-thread Penetrator Broadhead Adaptors (aircraft aluminum 5⁄16-inch weighing 43 grains or 9⁄32-inch at 33 grains, or stainless steel weighing 92 grains) making them ruggedly dependable and F.O.C. loaded. All Victory V1 (+/-.001-inch straightness) and V3 (+/-.003-inch straightness) arrows include slick Victory ICE coating, making them quieter across the rest and easier to pull from targets.

MSRP: $140-$165 per dozen

Lumen-Arrows from Lumenok

Lumenok, one of the originals in lighted-nock technology, offers 100 percent carbon arrows designed to work efficiently with the company'™s innovative nocks.

Lumen-Arrows are hand squared at the rear to ensure reliable Lumenok operation. Meanwhile, Bohning Blazer vanes are spine aligned for consistent flight. If you ever need to refletch your Lumen-Arrow, a printed red line marks this spine line, the stiffest point in the arrow around its diameter. Lumen-Arrows are offered with red, green or pink Lumenoks in .300, .350 and .400 deflections.

MSRP: $136 per 6, with Blazer vanes

Beman ICS Crossbow Hunter

The new ICS Crossbow Hunter from Beman is designed especially for high-performance crossbows. It features high-strength but lightweight carbon that produces maximum speed from today'™s advanced crossbow designs, aiding in driving broadheads right through big game.

They combine super-strong, multi-laminate carbon with proven component systems for Beman'™s most advanced crossbow bolt yet. Beman aerospace alloy inserts are included, or purchase F.O.C.-enhancing brass inserts separately. They'™re made in the USA to precise tolerances to assure top-notch accuracy.

MSRP: $44.99 per 6/fletched

PSE Carbon Force EXT

New PSE Carbon Force EXT Hunter carbon arrows feature a small diameter and extra thick shaft walls for exceptional strength and penetration.

Every PSE EXT Hunter arrow is guaranteed to +/-.001-inch straightness and a +/-.5-grain weight variance per dozen shafts. In addition, every PSE EXT Hunter arrow is spine matched for consistent shooting. PSE EXT Hunter arrows are also coated with PSE'™s whisper coating to glide quietly over the arrow rest and allow easier removal from targets.

PSE also uses an exclusive Fast Recovery System (FRS) technology in building each arrow. All shafts feature a spine alignment mark for consistent vane/broadhead orientation from arrow to arrow.

MSRP: $199 per 12

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