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30 Useful Tools For Bowhunters

30 Useful Tools For Bowhunters

Bowhunting isn't just about bows and broadheads. Here are some nifty tools that'll add to your bowhunting experience...from practice tools to the latest in cutlery to survival's all here.

Hips Archery X2 Big Game Series

For 2012, Hips Archery Targets is introducing the X2 Big Game Series of targets. There are six models to choose from, and each offers superb stopping ability and easy arrow removal for fieldpoints and broadheads. The X2 Big Game Series offers two-inch thick sheets of Endurance foam that are heat welded for added strength. MSRP: $79.99

Trophy Tally Stickers and Dots

Show off your success stories on your bow case or truck window with the new Trophy Tally Stickers and Dots. The products are available in four different options — Northeast (buck, doe, turkey and bear), Southwest (buck, doe, turkey and pig), Western (mule deer buck, doe, antelope and elk) and Predator (bobcat, coyote, fox and raccoon). MSRP: $4.99

Ironcraft Archery Mark-1

Tired of laying your bow on the ground between groups of practice arrows? With the Mark-1 from Ironcraft Archery, you can safely hang your bow instead! The steel Mark-1 will deliver top-of-the-line durability for many years and prevent your bow from being damaged. It's also available as a kit that includes an arrow holder, four marker flags and an anchor for a tape measure. MSRP: $60 (stand), $70 (kit)

Night Hawk Hybrid

Enjoy a peaceful hunt with the Night Hawk Hybrid from Stealth — an electric off-road vehicle that is equipped with on-the-fly charging using Stealth Hybrid Technology. With the vehicle's Auxiliary Power Unit, hunters can get up to 80 miles on a full eight-hour charge and three gallons of gas. Users also will enjoy the patented, three-in-one dump bed that can be converted to carry two passengers. MSRP: $16,999

DeLorme inReach

Look to DeLorme's new inReach device for all your outdoor communications needs. Using the Iridium satellite network, it provides reliable two-way communication that goes way beyond normal cell phone service and one-way satellite systems. The device must be paired with an iPhone or Android smartphone or a DeLorme Earthmate PN-60w for full functionality. The inReach also can be used as a solo device to send pre-loaded text message or SOS alerts with confirmation of delivery. MSRP: $249.99

X-Press Pro Model

For an archery shop, or even those who own multiple bows, it is important to have a safe and efficient bow press for all of your tuning needs. Now, X-Press has created its Pro Model — a press that is designed to work on all bows and crossbows. The easy arm adjustment with Easy Slide technology is the ticket, as that allows for a quick and simple transition from one bow to the next. Also featured are the unique red press wheels that adjust with the Quick Spin design to fit any bow limb. MSRP: [imo-slideshow gallery=18],119

Big Green Target's Gamer Field Point Target

New to Big Green Target's fleet for 2012 comes the Gamer Field Point Target. Created from 100 percent recycled material, the target features two unique game faces for longer target life and lots of friendly competition with your family and friends. One side shows a dartboard and the other displays targets of various shooting sizes — each with a different point value. The Gamer measures 20x20x13 inches and weighs approximately 25 pounds. The Gamer will stop arrows with field points up to 350 feet per second. MSRP: $89.99

Mathews Lost Camo

Lakewood Products is now offering its airline-approved cases in Mathews Lost Camo. Lakewood cases allow hunters to simply slip their bows in from the top for an easy fit — with or without the quiver still on the bow. The cases will also easily hold Lakewood's C-255 arrow case for the perfect traveling combination. Cases are lined with a foam interior for added protection. A 10-year warranty is included. MSRP: Starting at $159.99

Titan Hybrid UTV

Titan's new Hybrid UTV features Hybrid Drive Technology. The 42-horsepower electric motor can be powered via the onboard Trojan battery system or the onboard gas generator. So, you'll never get stranded after a long day of hunting. You can travel more than 30 miles when the 12-volt batteries are fully charged, and an additional 95 miles with the generator. MSRP: $15,650

Delta Targets CrossBuck 3-D Target

Crossbow shooters finally have a practice target just for them. The new CrossBuck 3-D Target from Delta Targets is designed to stop high-speed crossbow bolts, and no longer will shooters have to pull with all their might to retrieve a bolt from an ordinary target. Delta's buck features the E-Z flex core for easy removal, a large Pope and Young-class rack for added realism and outlined vitals for consistent practice. MSRP: $129.99

Super Duper Bag Target

Revamped graphics is the name of the game this year for the incredibly popular Super Duper bag target by Morrell Targets. The buck has been altered for a more lifelike approach, but the interior remains unchanged with the same heavy-duty , long-lasting material archers love. Features include a bull's-eye target on the reverse side, a tote handle and two-year warranty. MSRP: $69.99

Outdoor Edge Blaze n' Bone

Make the most of your time after a harvest with the new Blaze n' Bone from Outdoor Edge. The lightweight, four-piece combo with Blaze orange handles is exactly what hunters need for skinning and deboning their game. Included in the package is a 4.8-inch knife, a 4.25-inch skinner, a carbide sharpener and a Mossy Oak nylon pouch that converts to a belt scabbard. Total weight is 14.8 ounces. MSRP: $46.95

Yamaha Grizzly 300

A Grizzly bear, that is. Yamaha Motor Corp. is back for 2012 with its newest ATV — the Grizzly 300. The vehicle is a two-wheel drive machine that combines the newest technology with a value price. Features include a smooth and powerful engine and the only model in its class with a fully automatic, dual-range transmission. More than five inches of clearence allows the Grizzly 300 to cover all the rugged ground to and from your bowhunting location. MSRP: $4,099

SOL Escape Bivvy

The new SOL Escape Bivvy from Adventure Medical Kits is the first heat-reflecting, breathable emergency shelter on the market. The product weighs just eight ounces and can be open or closed with a drawstring depending on the weather. Condensation will be released from the inside, while things such as snow and rain will be kept out. With a bright orange color, the Escape Bivvy will be easy for rescuers to spot. MSRP: $50

Haley Heath Series

For the first time, there is a line of hunting knives geared specifically toward female hunters. The new Haley Heath Series from Buck Knives features eight models, including five fixed-blade designs and three folding lockblades. All feature a grip for women, a grooved handle and finger guard at the bottom of the blade. MSRP: Not Provided

Multi-Tree Swing Arm Bow Holder

Thanks to the Multi-Tree Swing Arm Bow Holder from Hunter's Specialties, moving from stand to stand has never been easier. The hanger comes with three screw-in mounting brackets that can be left in the tree, while the bow holder detaches to allow bowhunters to take it to a different stand and snap it into a base they already have mounted. A quick-release button securely holds the hanger onto the bracket until you're ready to leave for a different location. The hangers are available in 17- and 23-inch versions. MSRP: $17.99 (17-inch), $19.99 (23-inch)

Hard Way Caper and Skinner

When the excitement of downing your trophy wears off and it's time to get work, the last thing you need is a knife that refuses to function properly. That's where Lone Wolf Knives come in. The Hard Way caper and skinner are sold separately or as part of a set. Designed with the outdoorsman in mind, the caper weighs just 1.4 ounces while the skinner comes in at 2.2 ounces. A tough texture spray for tractability and safety is present, as well as a lifetime warranty and lifetime sharpening. MSRP: $55 each, $100 set

Target Tarp

Protect your outdoor archery targets with a Target Tarp from Glenrock Archery Products. The company's decoy cover will fit most standing deer-sized 3-D targets. Manufactured with a durable polyurethane coating over a polyester fabric ensures years of protection and takes away unwanted frustration of having to replace a target that is faded or rotting. MSRP: $39.99 (green) and $49.99 (camo)

Updated Directions

You've always been able to count on Lowrance to make sure you keep your bearings straight in the woods. Now, with the upgraded version 1.5 for the Endura line, the products you love get even easier and more convenient to use. The Sierra, Safari and Out&Back GPS units will now boot faster, be more responsive and stable and provide longer battery life. MSRP: Prices vary by model

Garmin Rino 655t

Garmin continues to up the ante with the release of the Rino 655t. Not only will it keep hunters safe in the woods with its precise GPS unit with pre-loaded U.S. topo maps, but it also can be used as a two-way radio to connect to other Rino users. If that's not enough, use its text messaging feature to communicate with others in your hunting party without spooking your game. Finally, a digital camera is no longer an essential part of your pack, as the Rino 655t is equipped with a 5 MP camera to capture the memories of your outing. MSRP: $599.99

Velocitip Ballistic System

Let Full Flight Technology and its new Velocitip Ballistic System measure your arrow drag using a 100-grain electronic fieldpoint and an ergonomically designed handheld docking station. You can store up to four shots before you must stop and plug the field point into your docking station for immediate download and display. The system will measure launch and impact values for speed, kinetic energy and momentum, in addition to retained energy and time of flight. MSRP: [imo-slideshow gallery=18],100

Gorilla Tape

A few rolls of Gorilla Tape is a must for the outdoorsmen of any kind. Advertised as the toughest, most rugged tape on the planet, it sticks to any kind of surface that you could want it for. With a Mossy Oak finish, the product is great for lining treestands, bow cases or anything else in your hunting repertoire that needs a bit of decoration. The outer shell is both UV and water resistant, while its thick fabric layer gives the tape strength and durability while still tearing easily by hand. MSRP: Not Provided

Outfitter Window Mount

The Outfitter Window Mount from Cabela's has a two-way fluid pan head for smooth viewing through your spotting scope. A long handle allows it to swivel 360 degrees and tilt 180. The removable quick stow, fixed with a 1„4-inch camera screw, allows quick attachment on the mount base. It also includes adjustable center of gravity, ergonomic double safety lock and bubble level. The system is compatible with Cabela's Alta Series Tripods. Spotting scope is not included. MSRP: $60

Bear/Boar Kill Zone Targets

New from Delta Targets comes the Bear/Boar Kill Zone for 2012. A two-sided target — one side features a bear while the other has a boar — kills two birds with one stone. Outlined vitals are clearly shown for added convenience, and the target is lightweight for total portability. Also, arrow removal is a breeze, resulting in a more pleasurable shooting experience. MSRP: $59.99

S4 Gear JackKnife

Thanks to S4 Gear, bowhunters no longer are forced to wait until they get home to see their latest harvest. Now, using the JackKnife — a bow mount for smartphones — you can video your shot from the hunter's view. Footage from your phone can be used from the stand to see shot placement before tracking your animal. Installation is a breeze, as the JackKnife was constructed to fit nearly every smartphone and any AMO standard sight mount in right- or left-handed models. Product is compatible with S4 Gear's Wingman. MSRP: $44.99

Scout Essentials Kit

The Scout Essentials Kit from Gerber Gear is exactly what you need in the event of unforeseen situations out in the wild. Included in the survival pack is a polypropylene carrying case, a first aid kit, waterproof matches, an LED Micro Touch light, a Compact Scout knife, a button compass and a Priorities of Survival pocket guide. Package weighs in at 4.6 ounces while the blade on the knife measure 3 inches. MSRP: $43

Woodland 16 Cube Target

The new Woodland 16 Cube Target from Rinehart Targets is sure to satisfy diehard archers as they prepare for the upcoming bowhunting season. A perfect cube measuring 16 inches all the way around, the target is made from Rinehart's Solid FX foam for superior durability when shooting any broadhead or fieldpoint. All six sides are ready for action and offer challenges at both long and short distances. MSRP: $119

Dead 'Eye Camcorder

Re-live your favorite moments in the treestand or hunting blind with the Dead'Eye Camcorder and mount from RAK'd UP. Now available in Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity camo, the product is small and lightweight, completely hands-free, has a 170-degree wide angle lens and includes an internal microphone. Additionally, the camcorder has a memory capacity of 32GB. MSRP: $299.99

Morrell Targets Outdoor Range Target

Morrell Targets has revamped its popular Outdoor Range target for the new year. The product now features shooter-friendly dots — small ones for shots at close range, and large ones for shots at great distances. Measuring 29x31x14 inches, the target is perfect for the shooting range or archery club and can withstand all the weather that is thrown its way. Weighing in at 50 pounds, the Outdoor Range target has the ability to be one of the longest lasting arrow target on the market with its Nucleus Center and IFS technology. Product features a different pattern on each side. MSRP: $119.99

Hunter XL Series Parallel Limb Bow Case

You want space? Well, now you have it in the form of the new Hunter XL Series Parallel Limb Bow Case from SKB. The product is being advertised as the big brother to SKB's very popular Hunter Series bow case. The Hunter XL Series will accommodate some of the new, wide bows such as the Z series from Mathews — even with with quivers still attached. A soft, protective interior and rigid outer shell guarantee your bow will stay safe while on the go. The Hunter XL weighs in at only 11 pounds. MSRP: $179.99

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