Absolute Nugent

Absolute Nugent

Even by Ted Nugent standards, it was a bit over the top. If you have no idea what I'm talking about -- say you've just flown in from the Alaskan bush following a 20-day spring brown bear hunt  -- find your crib notes here. On its basis, I ardently agree with everything "Uncle Ted" has to say. I'm certainly no fan of our current socialist (arguably illegal) regime and its big ideas straight out of the Leninist playbook. I'm scared to death of another Obama presidency, but not in the utterly paranoid manner The Nuge came across last week.

One line of Nugent's impassioned speech sticks in my head; the part where Nugent said if Obama is re-elected he would either "be dead or in jail by this time next year." I immediately took this to mean Nugent feared the Democratic National Committee directly assassinating him, or at least tossing him in jail as a political enemy, like they might do in, say, the Soviet Union of old. This was just my immediate interpretation. Only Nugent can confirm exactly what he meant, but the implication was that he is important enough to warrant such extreme measures by a powerful group who wants him silenced.

Which is really the problem with Nugent. Sure, he's a rock star, on the basis of which he's generated a mediocre TV show, set himself up as a bowhunting celebrity (complete with manufacturer endorsements, of course) and, more importantly for the sake of this discussion, a self-proclaimed spokesman for America's sportsmen. His inflated self-worth is common knowledge inside the hunting industry.

VOTE: Did Ted Nugent go too far with his comments regarding President Obama at the NRA Show?

Yet, we largely embrace Nugent because he's useful. Rock star status means he's gained the ear of those out of reach to mere hunters, because liberals, not believing in God, worship celebrities and politicians instead. This fact was driven home to me in a Phoenix airport; a surly airline employee nastily refused to check my hard bow case (not quite as unwieldy as, say, bagged golf clubs, which were being fast-laned into baggage handling), relenting only after spying a Ted Nugent bumper sticker on the case's side (it was one among hundreds I've picked up at sports shows and have added to provide instant ID while seeking gear on airport baggage carousels).

Nugent is handed the microphone ordinary citizens are automatically denied. I've observed Nugent interviews on mainstream forums that were utterly remarkable, because he's a conservative and a hunter — and in most cases, people were applauding his positions while laughing raucously.

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But '¦ I've cringed as often as I've applauded, as I did while listening to his recent "rant" (as the Mainstream Liberal Media — MLM — is giddily pointing out now), because if he's "our" spokesman, he sometimes makes us appear exactly what the MLM would like to believe we are: a bunch of dangerous extremists and wild-eyed kooks. Using terms such as "chop off their heads" will predictably be taken literally by the MLM.

There's no doubt we're in the fight for our lives in this next election — and it's not just about gun ownership and our beloved hunting lifestyle. Don't even get me started about the unjust redistribution of wealth. We are a nation founded on a belief in God and unalienable rights for all men. No matter that these virtues are clearly stated in the Constitution, socialist lawmakers seem intent on shredding.

This, I'm guessing, is what Nugent was trying to get across. I just wish he would quit making it so easy for the MLM to make the rest of us Average Joe hunters out as neo-conservative crazies.

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