ATA 2018: Top New Arrows

ATA 2018: Top New Arrows

The Archery Trade Association show is here and the latest arrows are ready to hit the market. It's hard to believe, but the offerings keep getting better and 2018 is certainly no exception. Compound and tradbow shooters have plenty to choose from, no matter whether they only hunt backyard whitetails or are the adventurous type who might spend 10 days in Alaska or Africa targeting toothy beasts. There are even a few shafts for those folks who spend their off-season trying to outshoot their frenemies and punch as many Xs as they can.


Following are 6 options worthy of anyone's quiver.

Gold Tip 22 Series Plus

Gold Tip has plenty of quality arrow shafts in their stable, but their 22 Series Plus is definitely at the top of the heap. These target arrows are weight sorted into +/- .5-grain batches, feature bold new graphics, and are built to exacting straightness tolerances. This ensures that when you pick up a fresh dozen, each arrow in your quiver is going to be a clone of the next and that means when you step up to the line during the off-season to work on your shooting form, you'll be very tough competition indeed.

Gold Tip 22 Series Plus

Beman Defender Elite

Who doesn't want to be an elite bowhunter? No one, that's who. It'll take more than buying these arrows, but they can't hurt. The Beman Defender Elites, which are built using USA-manufactured carbon, come standard with S nocks and precision-machined inserts. They are available in 300, 340, and 400 spines, and are built to straightness tolerances of +/- .002-inch.

Beman Defender Elite

Bloodsport Archery Prosecutor

Small-diameter shafts are all of the rage for plenty of good reasons, which makes Bloodsport's latest an excellent choice for accuracy-obsessed bowhunters. These shafts, which are offered in four spines, are built to .004-inch straightness tolerances, feature Rugged Wrap construction, and boast Bloodsport's Blood Ring technology so that you can make informed decisions on how to proceed once you've punched a hole in a critter. Weights range from 6.2 to 8.7gpi in these .204-inch, inner-diameter shafts.

Bloodsport Archery Prosecutor

Carbon Express Maxima RED in Badland's Approach Camo

Carbon Express has devoted serious engineering muscle toward figuring out how to manage dynamic spine in order to produce better arrow flight. This is evidenced in the RED ZONE of the Maxima REDS, which utilizes specific carbon materials to control arrow flex - the benefits of which are most notable when shooting broadheads. This technology allows them to produce only two spines (250 and 350), which cover bows set anywhere from 40 to 92 pounds of draw weight. As if that wasn't enough, you can now get these shafts covered in Badland's Approach camouflage.

Carbon Express Maxima RED in Badland's Approach Camo


Ultra lightweight carbon is the secret behind the blazing fast and flat-shooting HEXX FOCs that Easton has released new this year. These 6mm-diameter shafts allow you to find the sweet spot between high velocity and durability, and to ensure that they'll carry your broadheads downrange, each owns an adjustable 50/75-grain brass insert. These shafts, which are offered in spines of 260, 330, and 400, are built to an impressive +/- .001-inch straightness tolerance.


Victory Archery Carbon Trad

Traditional bowhunters can now harness serious arrow technology thanks to Victory's latest offering. Carbon Trads are designed with a 100-percent carbon core and a flax-linen infused outer layer that creates a crazy durable arrow that looks and feels like an old-school offering. Choose from 350 to 650 spines in arrow weights that range from 10.1 to 11.2gpi. Lastly, every Carbon Trad is hand fletched with four-inch, barred turkey feathers to ensure excellent broadhead flight.

Victory Archery Carbon Trad

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