Bear Anarchy Review: Lightweight, Pleasant Surprise

Bear Anarchy Review: Lightweight, Pleasant Surprise
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The Bear Archery Company is all about listening to its customers, and its engineers make it a priority from the start -- during the design phase of bow manufacturing. What they heard last year were  calls for a bow with a longer axle-to-axle measurement, lighter weight and super smooth draw, all while maintaining the durability Bear is known for. They collected the data, put together a plan and went to work.

The culmination of that effort is the 2012 Bear Anarchy. This rig is packed with features such as a new Flat Top Cam system, past parallel Max Pre-Load Quad Limbs, new lighter riser, 4x4 Roller Guard, Zero Tolerance Limb Cups, Dual Arc Offset String Suppressors and Bear Contra-Band HP string and cables.


Bear's new Flat Top Cam was named for the evident flat portion of the string groove, which gives it a unique footprint. More than a "look," the Flat Top was originally intended to increase stored energy by changing the slope on the front of the curve. What Bear engineers found when testing its new invention was they not only gained stored energy but improved nock travel and the "feel" of the draw cycle.

A precisely placed Tungsten Carbide perimeter weight located on the cam is designed to balance the cam around the axle for increased efficiency and decreased vibration.

A set of interchangeable modules offers draw lengths from 25-31'‰1⁄2 inches, in half-inch increments, without the use of a bow press or any special tools. System letoff is advertised at 80 percent. The draw stop looks a little different than what you typically find, as it is rectangular in shape rather than round and fits into a pear-shaped slot to control its position. This configuration has more surface area and in turn offers a more solid back wall.


Bear's Max Pre-Load Quad Limbs are featured on the new Anarchy. Engineers use sophisticated computer modeling programs that allows them to "see" and eliminate any potential stress "hot spots" on the limbs before one is ever actually made.

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Limb profiles are optimized to store and release energy efficiently. The resulting design is brought to life through precision manufacturing processes and proven pultruded Gordon Glass materials.

Each set of four limbs is chosen based on deflection values to ensure uniformity and consistency. At full draw, limbs move past parallel while utilizing the inherent stability and performance characteristics of semi-upright limb pockets. The past parallel position of the limb tips creates a platform for reduced shock, vibration and noise. Two-piece aluminum limb pockets contain a protrusion that fits within a notch in the limb to create a solid anchor. A vibration-damping boot fitted to the inside of the pocket cradles each limb piece.


The new Anarchy riser will catch your eye with its flowing lines, rounded edges and nearly straight form. An "open" format is created with large cutouts, and the overall structure is thinned out compared to previous designs. This is all made possible with special Finite Element Analysis (FEA) software, which is used to simulate and optimize the riser's material and structure. Bear even made its 4x4 Roller Guard lighter by eliminating excess material. The end result is a very welcome 3.8-pound mass weight. Bowhunters making a long trek into the wilderness will especially appreciate the reduced weight of Bear's new bow.

Bear's unique Dual Arc Offset String Suppressors got a new, more integrated attachment to the riser. Each suppressor is mounted approximately halfway between the end of the riser and center of the bow and reaches out to meet the string. A soft, rubber-like fixture is attached to the end of the mounting arm, which is offset to soften the cushioning effect and add to the overall lateral balance of the rig. When designing this system, Bear used high-speed photography to pin down the best suppressor position on the string for maximum impact.

Rounding out the package is a stainless steel stabilizer-mounting insert, your choice of either a one-piece Bear logo overmold grip or a two-piece side plate model and finish options of Realtree APG or Shadow Series (black).


It was a pleasant surprise when I first handled the Anarchy and found it to be so lightweight. This is especially welcome when you consider the relatively long 35'‰1⁄4-inch axle-to-axle length. The draw cycle is incredibly smooth and the shot is quiet, with only a small kick and no detectable vibration.

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