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Bear Motive 6 Review

Bear Archery enters 2013 with a laser-like focus on the success of your hunt. A statement on the Bear says it best: "We have a saying at Bear Archery: It's not about the hype or high cost — it's about the hunt. This defines the essence of our company, which grew out of the life and work of legendary sportsman Fred Bear."

The company's new Motive 6 bow is all about the hunt. The Motive 6 is loaded with many features, including the powerful H13 Synchronized Hybrid cams, Max Pre-Load Quad limbs, Dual Offset String Suppressors, 4x4 Roller Guard and Bear Logo Overmold grip.


Bear Archery packs the Motive 6 with loads of power. Generating advertised IBO speeds reaching 350 fps, the H13 Synchronized Hybrid cam system is made to hit hard. A hybrid cam system is one that uses two elliptical shaped cams, a control cable, split harness power cable and an evenly placed string. With an equal length of string above and below the bow's center, the effects of mechanical string seating and stretch are reduced.

The control cable forces the two cams to move and work together so they rotate in lock-step. Hybrid cam systems are widely believed to require less work to maintain optimum performance. The H13 produces a system letoff of 75 percent on a 6-inch brace height and offers draw lengths from 25€‰1„2-30 inches in half-inch increments using a set of modules. Bear uses its pre-stretched Contraband HP string and cables, both made of BCY 452X.

The Hub

Bear's Motive 6 is a great-looking rig thanks in large part to the edgy machining found on the riser. Rather than squared off or evenly rounded sides, you get sweeping cutouts, unique transitions and defined ridges.

The forged and CNC-machined riser is reflex in geometry for increased power stroke and speed.

The grip on the Motive is a two-for-one deal. First is a one-piece Bear Logo Overmold grip, which is super comfortable and narrow. Remove four screws and you uncover a two-piece grip that features two plastic side plates set into pockets on the machined handle. This option is thinner, and the surface is slick for easy hand positioning.

Mounted to the riser outside the sight window is Bear's 4x4 Roller Guard, which consists of an aluminum bracket and four rollers containing eight sealed bearings. The cables are harnessed between the sets of rollers, which at full draw are in line with the natural position of the cables. This reduces tension and torque for a more forgiving shot.

Dual Adjustable Offset String Suppressors utilize soft rubber-like fixtures attached to the end of the mounting arm, which is offset to soften the cushioning effect. Their position, opposite any added accessories, improves overall bow balance.

Pre-Loaded Quad


Bear machines industry-standard Gordon Composite material to create its Max Pre-Load Quad limbs. Four individual limb pieces measuring 11 inches in length make up the set, which reach a past-parallel position at full draw. Engineers use a complex computer modeling program to identify the extent of the pre-load that maximizes performance while eliminating areas of stress.

The past-parallel position of the limb tips creates a platform for reduced shock, vibration and noise. Keeping the limbs in line at this critical interface are Bear's Zero Tolerance Two-Piece pockets. Combined, the two pieces work to precisely locate the limbs in reference to the riser.


The Motive 6 shoots and performs like a cold, hard, killing machine. The draw cycle is surprisingly smooth for a bow rated at 350 fps IBO. There is a notable kick and some lasting, low-level vibration at the shot. However, the kick is significantly minimized and the vibration completely eliminated with a quality stabilizer.

Shot noise is notably low, and the speeds produced are sure to tighten your pin gaps.The riser machining is unique and looks great. Although the bow could be a bit lighter, it's far from heavy. I like the grip selection option; I chose the two-piece side plates. There's no doubt the Motive 6 will smoke quite a few critters in 2013.

BowTech Destroyer 350

BowTech has brought the Destroyer 350 — its groundbreaking flagship bow from 2010 — back as a limited edition series for 2013. The Destroyer 350 was one of the best-selling bows in BowTech history, thanks to a trio of industry-changing technologies; Hard Core Limbs that combine durability with maximum speeds, the FLX-Guard cable-containment system that dramatically reduces riser torque and the Over Drive Binary Cam system for symmetry, synchronization and stability at the shot.

Available in limited quantities, the Destroyer 350 LE weighs 4.1 pounds, has 80 percent let off, measures 32€‰3„8 inches between the axles, has a 6-inch brace height and an IBO speed rating of 350 fps. It has a draw-weight range of 60-70 pounds and can accommodate draw lengths from 25-30 inches. It is available only in Black Ops finish with custom, limited-edition limb graphics.

MSRP: $849

Prime Impact

G5 Outdoors has turned plenty of heads with the exclusive Parallel Cam Technology on its Prime bows, and the 2013 Impact is sure to leave its mark on bowhunters. Like all Prime bows, the hallmark of the 35-inch Impact is its parallel cams, which distribute the load of the draw force equally on each side of the cable, virtually eliminating cam lean.

As a result, Prime bows enjoy reduced horizontal nock travel for better accuracy and reduced limb fatigue for enhanced durability. The Impact's new PCX cam produces an IBO speed rating of 340 fps with a 6€‰¼-inch brace height, and it's forged, 7000 series aluminum riser is among the stiffest in the business. Other highlights include C-1 Laminated Limbs, Gore Fiber string and cables, removable anti-torque grip and the TI-Glide flexible titanium cable guard system that reduces cam lean by 25 percent. The Impact weighs 4.5 pounds, offers draw lengths from 26-30 inches and peak draw weights of 50, 60 or 70 pounds.

MSRP: $949

PSE Prophecy

PSE says its new Prophecy is the fastest single-cam rig ever created. The Prophecy's high-performance single-cam system provides a smooth draw while still producing an IBO speed rating of 340 fps. Other highlights include PSE's Planar Flex riser, past parallel split limbs, B.E.S.T Raptor Grip and Backstop 2 string dampener. The Prophecy has a 6-inch brace height, measures 32 inches between the axles, weighs 4.1 pounds and has 75 percent letoff. It can accommodate draw lengths from 25-30 inches and is available with peak draw weights of 50, 60 or 70 pounds.

MSRP: $699

Hoyt Spider 30

Hoyt's engineering team of die-hard bowhunters combined years of field experience with technological wizardry to create the all-new Spyder 30. To provide extreme stealth at the shot, Hoyt created patent-pending AirShox Technology. The AirShox dampeners are mounted to the limb pockets, allowing the limbs to pull away at full draw and then be cushioned by the AirShox as they spring back into place upon release.

To boost maneuverability, Hoyt trimmed the Spyder 30's axle-to-axle measurement to just 30 inches, making it the most compact Hoyt rig ever. And to generate the power needed to make a lethal strike, Hoyt included its RKT Cam and ½ that produces an IBO speed rating of 330 fps. The Spyder 30 also features Hoyt's TEC Lite Riser, XTS Pro ARC limbs, Fuse Custom Strings, In-Line Roller Guard, Pro-Fit Custom Grip, Silent Shelf Technology and more. The Spyder 30 weighs 3.8 pounds, has a 6€‰¾-inch brace height, can accommodate draw lengths from 24€‰1„2-30 inches and is available with peak draw weights of 40, 50, 60, 65, 70 and 80 pounds. Finish options include Realtree Xtra, Realtree MAX-1, Black Out and many others.

MSRP: $999

Elite Hunter

With an all-new riser and cam system, smoother draw and wider range of draw lengths, the 2013 Hunter from Elite Archery offers plenty of exciting upgrades from the original. Elite President Peter Crawford said the Hunter's new cams offer the company's smoothest-drawing bow to date, while a more parallel limb configuration creates a truly 'dead in hand ' feel at the shot.

Maneuverability is excellent thanks to the Hunter's 31€‰½-inch axle-to-axle length, and archers will enjoy plenty of forgiveness via the rig's generous, 7€‰¾-inch brace height. Despite all those features designed to enhance shootability, the Hunter still powers arrows at more than respectable IBO speeds of 323-326 fps. Another highlight is Elite's exclusive 'dwell zone, ' a wide spot in the valley that makes taking aim at trophy game extremely comfortable.

The 4.3-pound Hunter comes with Winner's Choice Custom Bowstrings and is available in draw lengths from 25-31 inches and with peak draw weights of 40, 50, 60, 65, 70 and 80 pounds.

MSRP: $899

Mathews Creed

Hardcore bowhunters can put their faith in the all-new, split-limb Mathews Creed, featuring the company's legendary Solocam technology. Powered by the new SimPlex Cam, Mathews says the Creed is the smoothest-drawing single-cam bow ever created, yet it still produces IBO speeds up to 328 fps.

It's also balanced, lightweight at just 3.85 pounds, quiet and accurate. Other highlights include the Geo Grid Lock Riser, Reverse Assist Roller Guard, Rich Walnut SlimFit Inline Grip, Dead End String Stop Lite and Mathews Harmonic Stabilizer Lite.

The Creed measures 30 inches between the axles and has a 7-inch brace height with 80 percent letoff. It can accommodate draw lengths from 26-30 inches and is available with peak draw weights of 50-70 pounds. Finish options include Lost Camo, Black and Tactical.

MSRP: $999

Martin Alien

Weighing a feathery 3.5 pounds and boasting an IBO speed rating of up to 335 fps, Martin Archery's 2013 split-limb Alien is the company's sleekest, most advanced bow ever, making it easy to tune and shoot thanks to a forgiving, 7-inch brace height.

Other highlights include a CNC machined solid aluminum riser, Nitro 3 Hybrid Cams, X4 Twin Limbs, three VEM Vibration Vortex Modules, Carbon Stealth STS string stop, Martin Cable Containment System, Saddleback Thermal Grip and Silent Hunter Arrow Shelf. The 32-inch axle-to-axle Alien offers draw lengths from 25€‰½-30€‰½ inches and peak draw weights of 50, 60 or 70 pounds, with 15 pounds of downward adjustment.

MSRP: $799.99

APA Viper Nano

The new Viper Nano from APA Innovations measures just 30 inches between the axles but boasts a blistering 330 fps IBO speed rating and a forgiving, 7€‰¼-inch brace height. The Viper Nano is APA's smoothest, most efficient, single-cam bow ever, thanks to the new Venom V2 Cam, which offers eight inches of draw-length adjustment in half-inch increments.

The cam also features a positive draw stop for a rock-solid back wall. The Viper Nano comes standard with Scorpion Strings. The riser has a built-in, balanced carrying handle, and APA's Fang Riser features an incorporated limb hook that allows you to easily store your bow while on stand. Also standard on APA bows is the multi-function tool center that features a nock wrench, broadhead wrench, carbide sharpener and cam lock built into the riser. The cam lock allows you to lock the cams and replace the string or cable in the field without a bow press. Shown in optional Snakeskin Stealth finish.

MSRP: $899

Hoyt Carbon Element G3

Hoyt's renowned carbon riser technology is back and better than ever for 2013. The new Carbon Element G3 features the same short and sweet 31€‰1„2-inch axle-to-axle length that has made this bow a favorite among bowhunters along with the all-new, patent-pending AirShox limb dampeners for deadly silence at the shot. The Carbon Element G3 is powered by Hoyt's fast and smooth RKT Cam and ½ system and boasts an IBO speed rating of 332 fps.

The carbon riser helps hold the rig's mass weight to just 3.6 pounds yet offers the strength to stand up to severe abuse in the field. The Carbon Element G3 has a 6€‰¾-inch brace height, can accommodate draw lengths from 24€‰1„2-30 inches and is available with peak draw weights of 40, 50, 60, 65, 70 and 80 pounds. Other highlights include Hoyt's XTS Pro ARC limbs, Fuse Custom Strings, In-Line Roller Guard, Pro-Fit Custom Grip, Silent Shelf Technology and more. Finish options include Realtree Xtra, Realtree MAX-1, black and more.

MSRP: [imo-slideshow gallery= 24],499

Ross XD

At 30€‰1„2 inches between the axles and just 3.16 pounds, the Ross XD (Xtreme Devastation) proves you can pack a lot of performance into a small package. In addition to being one of the lightest hunting bows on the market, the XD features an IBO speed rating of 320 fps with a silky smooth draw and solid back wall, ensuring you will be able to execute a perfect shot during the moment of truth.

The Ross XD has a 7€‰½-inch brace height, 80 percent letoff and can accommodate draw lengths from 26-31 inches. It's available with peak draw weights of 50, 60 or 70 pounds. Finish options include Realtree AP camo or Stealth Black.

MSRP: $524.99

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