Bear Motive 6 Review

Bear Motive 6 Review

Bear Archery enters 2013 with a laser-like focus on the success of your hunt. A statement on the Bear says it best: "We have a saying at Bear Archery: It's not about the hype or high cost — it's about the hunt. This defines the essence of our company, which grew out of the life and work of legendary sportsman Fred Bear."

The company's new Motive 6 bow is all about the hunt. The Motive 6 is loaded with many features, including the powerful H13 Synchronized Hybrid cams, Max Pre-Load Quad limbs, Dual Offset String Suppressors, 4x4 Roller Guard and Bear Logo Overmold grip.


Bear Archery packs the Motive 6 with loads of power. Generating advertised IBO speeds reaching 350 fps, the H13 Synchronized Hybrid cam system is made to hit hard. A hybrid cam system is one that uses two elliptical shaped cams, a control cable, split harness power cable and an evenly placed string. With an equal length of string above and below the bow's center, the effects of mechanical string seating and stretch are reduced.

The control cable forces the two cams to move and work together so they rotate in lock-step. Hybrid cam systems are widely believed to require less work to maintain optimum performance. The H13 produces a system letoff of 75 percent on a 6-inch brace height and offers draw lengths from 25'‰1⁄2-30 inches in half-inch increments using a set of modules. Bear uses its pre-stretched Contraband HP string and cables, both made of BCY 452X.

The Hub

Bear's Motive 6 is a great-looking rig thanks in large part to the edgy machining found on the riser. Rather than squared off or evenly rounded sides, you get sweeping cutouts, unique transitions and defined ridges.

The forged and CNC-machined riser is reflex in geometry for increased power stroke and speed.

The grip on the Motive is a two-for-one deal. First is a one-piece Bear Logo Overmold grip, which is super comfortable and narrow. Remove four screws and you uncover a two-piece grip that features two plastic side plates set into pockets on the machined handle. This option is thinner, and the surface is slick for easy hand positioning.

Mounted to the riser outside the sight window is Bear's 4x4 Roller Guard, which consists of an aluminum bracket and four rollers containing eight sealed bearings. The cables are harnessed between the sets of rollers, which at full draw are in line with the natural position of the cables. This reduces tension and torque for a more forgiving shot.

Dual Adjustable Offset String Suppressors utilize soft rubber-like fixtures attached to the end of the mounting arm, which is offset to soften the cushioning effect. Their position, opposite any added accessories, improves overall bow balance.

Pre-Loaded Quad

Bear machines industry-standard Gordon Composite material to create its Max Pre-Load Quad limbs. Four individual limb pieces measuring 11 inches in length make up the set, which reach a past-parallel position at full draw. Engineers use a complex computer modeling program to identify the extent of the pre-load that maximizes performance while eliminating areas of stress.

The past-parallel position of the limb tips creates a platform for reduced shock, vibration and noise. Keeping the limbs in line at this critical interface are Bear's Zero Tolerance Two-Piece pockets. Combined, the two pieces work to precisely locate the limbs in reference to the riser.


The Motive 6 shoots and performs like a cold, hard, killing machine. The draw cycle is surprisingly smooth for a bow rated at 350 fps IBO. There is a notable kick and some lasting, low-level vibration at the shot. However, the kick is significantly minimized and the vibration completely eliminated with a quality stabilizer.

Shot noise is notably low, and the speeds produced are sure to tighten your pin gaps.The riser machining is unique and looks great. Although the bow could be a bit lighter, it's far from heavy. I like the grip selection option; I chose the two-piece side plates. There's no doubt the Motive 6 will smoke quite a few critters in 2013.

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