Bow Review: Hoyt Nitrux

Bow Review: Hoyt Nitrux

Hoyt is one of the "big dogs" of bow manufacturing. Hoyt's personnel, design capabilities and production processes are all top notch. Those factors are also why we, as consumers, expect big things from the company each year. Let's take a look at Hoyt's mid-year release, the Nitrux, and see how the team did.

Hoyt NitruxThe Nitrux  available just in time for hunting season  features Hoyt's TEC Riser design, Cam & ½ hybrid system, Quadflex laminated limbs and ZT Roller Guard cable-containment system. In addition, the Nitrux is home to several vibration-killing accessories and is available in five popular camo patterns and six target versions that combine a black riser with limbs painted in different colors.

Instant Recognition

There have been different versions of Hoyt's TEC (Total Engineering Concept) riser design over the years, but every one of them brings instant brand recognition with its unique truss structure. The truss loops behind the shooter's hand and acts as a shock absorber as it channels shot vibration away from the grip.

Compared to the structural design of a bridge in which the load and stress is distributed through its trusses  the truss in the Nitrux alloy riser creates stability, strength and reduces flex (increased stiffness) of the riser. A stiffer, stronger riser has several benefits, including longer product life, reduction in vibration and improved accuracy.

The Nitrux is available in film dipped Kuiu Verde 2.0, Realtree Edge, Under Armor Ridge Reaper Barren and Optifade Subalpine or Elevated II camo patterns. A target version with a black riser and your choice of limbs in red, blue, white, orange, purple or green may be ordered as well.

Hoyt builds the Nitrux with the X-ACT Grip, which consists of a one-piece, injection-molded thermoplastic polyurethane semi-wrap that sits in a recessed pocket on the handle. It is designed to produce a neutral wrist position while also providing comfort and insulation from the cold riser material. The ZT Roller Guard mounts the rollers separately and in a vertical and horizontal orientation that allows cables to cross at a more natural position. Other riser features include a StealthShot string-suppression system and stainless-steel stabilizer mount.

Hybrid Speed & Comfort

Hoyt outfits its new rig with the Nitrux Cam & ½, which is what is known as a hybrid system. This means it uses two elliptical cams, a control cable, split harness power cable and an evenly placed string. It is advertised to generate IBO arrow speeds of 333 fps. Engineers focused on creating a relaxing valley and shoulder-friendly letdown to improve the overall shooting experience (making practice fun again!).

Cams ride on steel axles and sealed inner-race bearings for reduced friction and increased efficiency. A total draw length range is covered by two base cams and a rotating module that does not require a bow press to adjust. Cam 2 covers from 24-27 inches and Cam 3 from 27-30 inches. System letoff is advertised at 80 percent. Hoyt uses Fuse Custom string and cables for the Nitrux.

Bomb-Proof Precision

Hoyt takes pride in its reputation for producing bomb-proof limbs. Their success is not by accident, however, as each design is engineered and tested to withstand a minimum of 1,000 dry-fires at an 80-pound draw weight and 30-inch draw length. It starts with a process that allows for a highly contoured, uniform stress distribution limb build that does not cut across critical stress fibers. Hoyt's patented Split Limb Technology eliminates common stressors found in solid-limb V-grooves and limb-bolt grooves while providing lateral and torsional stability.

The laminated, pressed and machined multi-layer limbs are matched into sets based on deflection values. Archers can choose limb sets in 40-, 50-, 60- or 70-pound peak draw-weight options. Quadflex limbs measure 12 inches long and ¾-inch wide. Limb pockets are precision machined, minimal in material, cap the limb ends and provide a solid base at this critical interface.

At the Range

The Nitrux is a fine example of the quality construction and workmanship Hoyt is known for. The bow has a smooth draw, with easy transitions to and from peak holding weight. There was a quick but notable jump in the handle at the shot, along with very minimal, short-lived vibration. Post-shot stability on target was solid. When it comes to shot noise, the Nitrux likes heavier arrows. Shot noise was good overall, but the bow became whisper quiet when launcing arrows weighing 425 grains or more. The X-ACT grip was both comfortable and functional.

Overall, the Nitrux is a well-built bow with all the Hoyt quality and performance markers we have come to expect.

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