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Best New Attractants, Calls & Decoys for 2014

Best New Attractants, Calls & Decoys for 2014

While there's always the reliable favorites when it comes to attractants, calls & decoys, there are also plenty of new products to get excited about. With exclusive coverage from the Archery Trade Association (ATA) Show in Nashville, Tenn., we're proud to bring you the best new attractants, calls & decoys for 2014.

Knight & Hale Scarlet Fever

In competitive turkey calling competition, Knight & Hale's new Scarlet Fever pot call has the competition seeing red. Already the call was used to win the Two-Man Team World Championship. Now, hunters can take advantage of the call's rich, pure tones to win the battle against tricky toms. The Scarlet Fever pot call is constructed of select walnut, which is kiln dried to an astounding moisture level of just 8 percent. That means the wood absolutely will not change and create variations in the call's tone. The pot is topped with a slate soundboard and topped with a crystal surface, and comes with a custom, two-piece striker. MSRP: $42.99

Primos Hook Up

The new Primos Hook Up box call features a patented magnetic hinge to position the paddle perfectly, resulting in incredibly realistic and consistent cuts, yelps and even gobbles. Unlike traditional box calls, hunters don't need to turn the hinge screw for tuning or try to find the ideal paddle angle. The magnetic hinge ensures perfect tension and alignment. Gobbles are made possible using the included gobbler strap. Another benefit of the magnetic hinge is that the paddle can be removed while a hunter moves through the woods, ensuring silent transport of the call. MSRP: $39.99

ScentBlocker Trinity Blast

New Trinity Blast spray from ScentBlocker is like a scent-elimination suit in a bottle. Featuring the company's exclusive Trinity polymeric scent-control technology, Trinity Blast works on four levels by neutralizing existing human odors, preventing new odors from forming, oxidizing tougher odors via nano-sized titanium dioxide and adsorbing any remaining odors with the same synthetic Trinity polymer particles found in ScentBlocker apparel. From boots and gloves to outerwear and archery gear, Trinity Blast has your hunt covered with a shot of liquid confidence. Trinity Blast is available in 12-, 24- and 32-ounce bottles. MSRP: $5.99-$12.99

Evolved Habitats Dirt Bag

All-new Dirt Bag deer attractant from Evolved Habitats literally glows thanks to the company's exclusive Glo Cote Ultra Violet Enhanced Visual Attractant. The Dirt Bag is a five-pound bag of molasses-flavored attractant that literally blends into the ground and looks like nothing more than dirt to human eyes. But to deer, it emits an easily seen UV glow that will draw curious whitetails like flies. And once deer investigate the source of the glow, they'll be rewarded with an irresistible treat that will bring them back again and again. The Dirt Bag is truly a deer attractant like nothing ever seen, smelled or tasted before. Evolved's testing shows attracts treated with Glo Cote are recognized and visited within 24 hours of application and receive significantly greater traffic and usage when compared to those that have not been treated. MSRP: $12.99

Montana Decoy Estrus Betty

Is it live? No, it's the newest whitetail decoy from Montana Decoy. Estrus Betty is a whitetail doe in a squatting pose with her tail raised, the perfect position to attract a big buck during the rut. A combination of Estrus Betty and a Montana whitetail buck decoy is sure to put any mature buck that sees it into a jealous rage. Estrus Betty was developed using a photo of an actual wild whitetail, and the HD printing process has produced an incredibly lifelike decoy. Unfolded, the two-dimensional decoy measures 52 inches by 32 inches. Folded for transport, Estrus Betty is a scant 10 inches by 10 inches and weighs just 31 ounces. MSRP: $89.99

Code Blue Platinum Standing Estrous

Collected at the precise time a buck is attempting to breed a doe, Code Blue's Platinum Standing Estrous is unlike any other deer-hunting scent. In testing, Platinum Standing Estrous was shown to be 63 percent more effective in the field than competing products. This was the highest response ever recorded by testers at Code Blue. Because of the unique process involved in collecting the natural urine, Platinum Standing Estrous will be limited in availability. It comes in a 1.5 ounce bottle. MSRP: $39.99

Flextone Bone Collector Brotherhood

Flextone has teamed up with pro hunter Michael Waddell to create an innovative new deer call designed to make nasally buck grunts and aggressive roars when hunters need to make the most flamboyant calls to get the attention of a mature buck. Not only can the Bone Collector Brotherhood help a hunter imitate those important buck vocalizations, but the compact call also makes doe estrous bleats and fawn bleats with the push of a button. Turned upside down and blown from the other end, the call emits those dynamic buck roars and grunts. MSRP: $17.99

Wildlife Innovation D.O.A.

They're called hogs for good reason. Feral pigs are opportunistic feeders, which means they're more than happy to move in on feeders set up for deer. Wildlife Innovation's new D.O.A. — Deer Only Attractant — pelletized feed solves the problem of attracting feed-stealing, deer-spooking hogs. The specially formulated feed is high in protein but is not attractive to hogs or bears, so a deer feeder remains just that: a deer feeder. DOA comes in 5-pound bags. MSRP: Not Available

Tink's #69 No Freeze Formula

The buck-attracting qualities of Tink's #69 Doe-in-Rut Buck Lure are well known. Now those who hunt in extra-cold climates can get the most out of the scent. Tink's #69 No Freeze Formula features an odorless additive that will keep the liquid lure from freezing, even when temperatures drop well below 32 degrees. By staying in liquid form, the lure remains its most effective at circulating in the air and attracting active bucks searching for does. MSRP: Not Available

Hunter's Specialties 2 Hot Does Estrus Scent

What smell is more appealing to an eager rutting buck than a hot doe? Two hot does! The new 2 Hot Does Estrus Scent from Hunter's Specialties combines a collection of premium whitetail doe estrus urine collected during the does' peak cycle. Revolutionary pheromone stabilization technology is used during urine collection to ensure every bottle contains the maximum amount of doe estrus pheromones. A dark amber bottle with a special poly cap helps keep the product at full strength during storage. MSRP: $9.99 (1 oz.)

Nose Jammer

Rather than trying to reduce or neutralize game-spooking odors, the Nose Jammer line from Fairchase Products uses natural aromas to jam the senses of game. All Nose Jammer products are made with concentrated natural aromatic compounds emitted from trees and shrubs. The aromas aren't alarming to game because the smells are already found in the natural environment. In addition to field spray and laundry detergent, Nose Jammer offers a complete line of personal care products, including a new Face & Body Lotion that will keep your skin from drying out during long, cold days in the field. The lotion's non-greasy formula absorbs quickly into your skin and contains no harsh chemicals. Also new for 2014 are Nose Jammer Field Wipes, which can be used to clean your face and hands in the field or even treat contaminated hunting gear. Other items in the Nose Jammer personal care line include Shampoo and Body Wash and Deodorant. MSRP: $5.99-$14.99

Heartland Wildlife Institute Buck Brick

Protein is part of a critical foundation for developing big bucks, and Heartland Wildlife Institute's Buck Brick is a cornerstone in that foundation. Each 10-pound brick contains a hefty 23 percent protein, and the combination of the attractants, minerals and food sources in one long-lasting brick will attract bucks from miles around. Each brick is waterproof and comes individually wrapped and with a convenient carry handle for toting to those out-of-the-way hunting hotspots. MSRP: $11.95

In Sights Nutrition Buck Draw

A trio of new offerings from In Sights Nutrition will help pull the big bucks in. Buck Draw is the ultimate supplement and attractant. A peanut-based product, Buck Draw features tastes and aroma that deer crave, and it is high in proteins and carbohydrates, which promotes better body condition, higher antler growth and higher fawning rates. It is available in 25-pound bags. A syrup attractant, Buck Strut contains no saltwater and is best used by pouring on decaying wood. Buck Strut comes in a 1-gallon jug. Buck Nut powder is an attractant and supplement that contains a blend of peanuts, protein, sugar and grain by-products. Packaged in a 1-gallon bucket, Buck Nut is ideal for applying in shooting lanes. MSRP: $10.95-$17.99

Whitetail Institute Winter Peas Plus

A true winter-pea forage product, The Whitetail Institute's new Winter Peas Plus contains over 80 percent winter peas, with the added kick of additional forage to draw game into your food plots. Two high-protein, cold-tolerant winter pea varieties serve as the backbone of Winter Peas Plus. Testing has proven the two varieties are more attractive to whitetails than any other variety tested by The Whitetail Institute. In addition, the mix includes small amounts of high-sugar Whitetail Oats, hardy winter lettuce and forage radish. MSRP: $39.50 (11 pounds)

Mineral Mizer Bag

How do you control the distribution of minerals to make sure hungry deer and wild hogs don't quickly deplete the supply? Use the Mineral Mizer bag to keep a constant supply of minerals on the ground, and to keep those deer and hogs continuously coming back for more. The porous and UV-resistant bag is constructed of durable geotextile material and can withstand years of use. It is activated by moisture to deposit its contents. Bags are available pre-filled. MSRP: $20.99

Flextone Si Roberston Series

Flextone's new Si Robertson Series of turkey calls offers everything you need to lure wary gobblers into bow range. The collection of high-quality box calls, friction calls and diaphragm calls produces crystal clear tones and offers subtle control over pitch and volume so you can tailor your calling to any hunting situation. The Si-Yonara Jack glass pot call (pictured) comes with a hickory striker and can produce super loud clucks and yelps with high pressure or soft, seductive yelps, clucks and purrs with reduced pressure. MSRP: $7.99-$29.99

MAD R.I.P. Growl Call

Combining reflective nasal and vocal cavities, the new MAD R.I.P. Growl Deer Call produces the same volume of airflow produced by a whitetail deer. The result is a versatile call that will do it all, from subtle bleats to aggressive growls. Coupled with the attached snort wheeze, the call is a true do-everything tool for the whitetail hunter. MSRP: $24.99

Upwind SuperSlam

Upwind's line of odor-elimination products use patented technology to hunt down and destroy game-spooking aromas. Upwind products include Odor Eliminator Field Spray, Foam Mouth Rinse, Laundry Detergent, Hair and Body Wash, All Purpose Cleaner and even Dog Shampoo. All use a patented MCC copper ion technology, which provides more free active copper ions to accelerate rapid catalytic oxidation of odor sources. Upwind is safe, non-toxic, biodegradable, non-irritating to the skin and effective for hours. MSRP: Varies by product


The No-Scenter won't make a hunter visually disappear, but it does the next best thing. The compact device uses the science of ozone to make a hunter's scent invisible to their quarry. Ozone produced by the No-Scenter oxidizes a hunter's body odor as it permeates the hunter's clothing. Powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, the unit operates up to nine hours per charge. Because it doesn't feature a fan or any other moving parts, the hand-sized No-Scenter is completely silent during operation. MSRP: $199


A-Way Hunting Products has added a new option to its innovative Scent Web line. SHE-DUCTION is an all-season scent that not only works great during the rut but also attracts bucks during the pre-rut and post-rut. Working like Silly String for hunters, Scent Web is an aerosol-powered scent that will quickly permeate the air around your stand. The string clings to vegetation and remains powerful for up to five days. The spray nozzle shoots the string up to 10 feet, and the string won't wash away in rain or snow; it is actually reactivated by moisture. Other varieties include SHE-HEAT doe-in-estrus and SCRAPE VENOM. MSRP: $14.99

Knight & Hale Stranglehold

Knight & Hale's Long Spur pot call is a turkey hunter's favorite, and now the company has taken things to a new level by tweaking the Long Spur to come up with the new Stranglehold pot call. The Stranglehold features a thickened pot base, which adds depth and rasp to the call's tone. Additionally, the call's slate is topped with a pure crystal surface. The power tip, all-weather striker adds to the call's versatility and completes a package sure to fool even the wariest gobbler. MSRP: $24.99

Wilgame Innovations Buck Commander Hex 225

New from Wildgame Innovations is a feeder sure to pull in the big boys. The Buck Commander Hex 225 is 6 feet tall, making it easy to refill the massive, 225-pound capacity drum. Yet the feeder is amazingly easy to set up in just five minutes. There's a built-in funnel to maximize feed flow, and the digital power control unit offers up to 24 different feeding times. Because the feeder is designed with game surveillance in mind, it comes with a mounting bracket for your favorite Wildgame Innovations scouting camera. MSRP: Not Available

Primos Gobstopper Submissive Hen

The new Gobstopper Submissive Hen features two key traits. Not only is the decoy incredibly realistic, but it comes at an affordable price. The Submissive Hen is the first in Primos' new Gobstopper series. It's a soft-sided decoy that features a high-definition paint scheme for the kind of spectacular realism needed to fool wary toms. It's lightweight and packable for easy transportation in a hunter's vest and can be set in three positions, including placed on the ground to mimic breeding or with a stake in either a submissive or contented position. MSRP: $59.95

Tink's Hot Shot

Tink's has expanded its line of Hot Shot mists to include several new scents sure to drive deer and elk crazy. The new scents are Cow Elk Estrous Mist, Persimmon Mist and Turnip Greens Mist. Cow Elk Estrous Mist is ideal for stalking and calling setups. The Persimmon and Turnip Greens varieties are perfect for taking advantage of a deer's attraction to those desired food sources. Tink's mists use a special pressurized bag-in-can system that doesn't contaminate the scents with aerosol propellants. The system also ensures that 99 percent of available lure is sprayed out the can, giving you the best bang for your buck. MSRP: $12.99

Flextone Micro Hand Call

Flextone's new Micro Hand Call packs a lot of power in a tiny package. The handheld, electronic, keychain call comes preloaded with four popular calls, with different versions available for various types of hunting. Despite the call's diminutive size, the high-quality speaker is powerful and allows for directional delivery of sound. The call features an LED light and a handy carabiner clip. MSRP: $19.99

Hunter's Specialties Jake and Suzie Snood Decoys

Featuring incredibly lifelike detail, the new Jake and Suzie Snood turkey decoys are certain to bring love-struck gobblers running. The decoys are finished with a special, flake-resistant paint for long-lasting performance season after season. The durable rubber construction resists creases and dents, yet the decoys are easily folded for transport. Jake Snood is posed in a semi-aggressive stance, the kind of position that drives mature gobblers crazy. Suzie Snood comes with a dual-position stake for set up in either content or receptive poses. MSRP: $89.99 (Jake) and $69.99 (Suzie)

Primos Bottleneck Grunter

The new Primos Bottle Neck Grunt Call gives hunters a versatile call in a handy, compact package. The Bottle Neck Grunt Call has an adjustable O-ring that can be moved to various positions along the reed to produce a variety of calls, from subtle estrus bleats to mid-tone grunts to aggressive roars. The call features a rubberized body for quiet carry in the field and for sure grip in the stand. MSRP: $19.95

Knight & Hale Bad Company Kit

Knight & Hale's Bad Company Kit gives hunters all the essentials to get into scoring position this spring. The three-pack includes the Magic Mooncutter, Black Mamba and Cranky Hen. Knight & Hale has brought back the Magic Mooncutter, an original favorite. The new Black Mamba is a versatile, easy-to-use call capable of barking out deep, raspy sounds, while the Cranky Hen is a bold, competition-style call that excels when it's time to crank up the volume. MSRP: $21.99

Primos Eastern Calls

The Eastern subspecies of wild turkey will be the star of the first in a limited edition of calls from Primos. The release of the Grand Slam Series will span four years, with the Eastern calls hitting the market in 2014. This edition features the famous Primos Heartbreaker calls, and is limited to just 1,200 numbered calls, each personally signed by Will Primos. The Eastern version will be available in both a box call and pot call, each with two custom-engraved scenes paying homage to the Eastern subspecies. The series will feature the Osceola in 2015, the Rio Grande in 2016 and the Merriam's in 2017. MSRP: $69.95

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