Easton Introduces Injexion Hunting Arrow

Easton Introduces Injexion Hunting Arrow

Featuring a diameter 20 percent smaller than conventional carbon arrows, the new Injexion ultra micro-diameter shaft from Easton offers bowhunters considerable advantages when it comes to strength, wind drift, kinetic energy and downrange penetration.

The new-for-2012 Injexion shafts -- available in both carbon and aluminum-carbon versions -- have an outside diameter of .236-inch, compared to .294-inch for standard carbon arrows. The Injexion is similar to the micro-diameter shafts used by world-class target archers, only optimized for bowhunting.

The Injexion's smaller diameter benefits bowhunters through reduced wind drift and increased kinetic energy. Tests conducted by Easton using Injexion shafts and New Archery Products Thunderhead broadheads revealed 25 percent less wind drift and up to 31 percent increased target penetration compared to a standard-diameter arrow.

"Anybody at home can take a standard carbon arrow and one of these Injexions and just shoot it into some target foam," Easton Marketing Director Gary Cornum said. "You will immediately see the difference. You have that broadhead opening up that channel, and then the smaller shaft can get through there with less friction."

Despite the smaller diameter, Injexion shafts weigh as much or slightly more than conventional shafts because they have thicker shaft walls and an extremely narrow inside diameter of .167-inch. As a result, Injexion shafts are considerably more durable than standard-diameter shafts. Easton's tests showed up to 32 percent greater impact resistance and 90 percent greater crush strength.

Easton's testing also showed initial kinetic energy with Injexion shafts was 54 percent higher than conventional shafts. At a range of 40 yards, the Injexion shafts carried 56 percent more kinetic energy.

Easton said the key to making the Injexion shaft practical for bowhunting applications is the new, Deep Six component system for inserts, fieldpoints and broadheads. The Deep Six insert uses Easton's Hidden Insert Technology (HIT) that sits inside the shaft to ensure a perfect fit and eliminate broadhead alignment issues. Deep Six inserts also feature a redesigned thread pattern that provides 25 percent more engagement than standard inserts. As a result, fieldpoints and broadheads in Deep Six inserts won't rattle loose during shooting. Finally, Deep Six inserts are made from stainless steel, compared to aluminum for standard inserts. As a result, Deep Six inserts are 64 percent stronger than conventional inserts and weigh in at 20 grains, which helps boost the front-of-center (F.O.C.) of finished arrows for more stable flight and improved accuracy.

"This was an opportunity for us to really look at the whole system, start over, develop these things from the ground up'‰'¦'‰and make everything better at the same time," Cornum said.

Initially, broadheads designed to work with the Deep Six inserts will be made exclusively by NAP, which is offering three of its existing designs (Thunderhead Razor, Spitfire Maxx and 2-Blade Bloodrunner) and a new, cut-on-contact head called the Big Nasty that features a solid, one-piece design and over-the-shaft fit for maximum durability.

Both the Carbon Injexion (480, 8.3 gpi; 400, 8.9 gpi; 330, 10.1 gpi) and A/C Injexion (450, 8.6 gpi; 390, 9.5 gpi; 330, 10.5 gpi) are offered in three spine sizes and come with Easton's "G" nock, which weighs 7 grains and is available in black, white, green, blue, red and deep red.

MSRP: $89.99 per six (Carbon Injexion w/2-inch Blazer vanes) and $149.99 per six (A/C Injexion w/2-inch Blazer vanes)

Contact: Easton Technical Products, 801-539-1433; www.deepsix.info

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