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G5 Outdoors brought Metal Injection Molding (MIM) technology to archery.

G5 Outdoors brought Metal Injection Molding (MIM) technology to archery. The process allows G5 to incorporate design details into their products that would prove impossible through milling alone. G5's molded, one-piece broadheads quickly put the company on the bowhunting map, designs like the Montec and Tekan II; 100-percent stainless-steel broadheads that prove exceptionally rugged and highly unique. The Montec, a cut-on-contact three-blade, is one-piece molded from cutting tip to mounting threads. Tekan II mechanicals are unlike anything ever seen before, including all-steel, one-piece-molded cut-on-contact tip/ferrule/mounting threads, with unbreakable molded deployable blades riding in precise slots, sliding back on impact to waste minimum Kinetic energy. While broadheads set the G5 Outdoors machine into motion, the archery-tackle subsidiary quickly branched into other segments of bow gear.

G5's Striker broadhead with 11⁄8-inch cutting diameter gives the archery hunter the best of rugged Metal Injection Molded, 100-percent stainless steel technology and convenient replaceable-blade design.

Striker Broadheads

G5's Striker with 11⁄8-inch cutting diameter is a rugged, "mini" broadhead combining MIM technology and instantly-replaceable blades. The core of the Striker's design is its one-piece, all-steel, cutting-tip-equipped body that's nail tough and super precise; including +⁄- .002-inch straightness and individual factory spin testing.

The tri-edged cutting tip aligns with three replaceable blades for continuous cutting action and can be quickly resharpened on G5's Flat Diamond Stone. The tip is part of the broadhead's ANIX Locking System, creating deep recess beneath the cutting tip to accept the fore ends of each .030-inch-thick stainless steel Lutz blade. This means that even if the blades should shift slightly rearward after a hard impact, there is still plenty of material beneath this recess to keep them intact. Look for them in 100- and 125-grain models.

Optix Sights

Optix is a new breed of bow sight, giving archery hunters dependability, super-precise adjustments, accurate aiming points and design features that assure quiet and user-friendly use. Dependability comes via magnesium-alloy construction, 32-percent lighter than aluminum but of equal strength. Precise and rock-solid single-screw adjustments are part of the micro-adjustable windage and elevation system, plus the sight is equipped with fiber-optic-backed Smart-Pins, which enable precise vertical adjustment of individual pins without deviating from the sight's vertical centerline. The mounting bracket is doglegged to make it compatible with any sight window configuration, fiber-optic pin strands held in place on steel pins by rubber O-rings to assure they can't be damaged while in the field.

Bowhunting silence is a byproduct of its magnesium construction, a material offering superior dampening qualities when compared to steel, aluminum or plastic. In addition, the sight incorporates a built-in Harmonic Dampener in its mounting bracket. A rubber Arrow Bumper at the bottom of the pin guard protects against accidental arrow clicks.

The sight is offered in three models. The ME includes a battery-powered L.E.D. Light housed in magnesium that illuminates all pin fibers inside G5's unique light chamber, a system that contains the light so it won't spook game. The sight includes three fixed Smart-Pins, plus a lower floating Smart-Pin "mover" with finger-tip dial adjustment for long-range shooting. Choose from .019- or .029-inch-diameter pins. The entire sight weighs less than six ounces and is covered in a Realtree Hardwoods finish.

Constructed of tough and lightweight magnesium, Optix bow sights include many unique and useful design features. Among the most novel are a built-in pin-guard visor, micro-adjustable Smart-Pin technology and built-in rubber arrow bumper at the bottom of the round pin guard.

The LE includes all of these features, but does not hold the L.E.D. Light or the bottom Floating Smart-Pin. It does include five solid Smart-Pins perfect for western hunting scenarios, and weighs only 5.8 ounces. The 5.2-ounce SE model is a simpler version with three, fixed .029-inch-diamter Smart-Pins for archers who want less pin confusion.

META Components

META nocks, inserts and peeps are CNC machined from magnesium alloy using ultra-precise Swiss screw machines that provide exacting tolerances.

META nocks, inserts and peeps offer a singular advantage: They are 50-percent lighter than standard aluminum components of the same dimensions. Whether installed in your arrows, or riding on your bow string, they give you added arrow speed; without sacrificing a bit of strength.

META nocks prove even lighter than standard-issue plastic nocks, boosting F.O.C. (Front Of Center) balance for straighter arrow flight, and helping to increase speed. Micro threads on the shaft section lock them into the arrow, assuring they won't pop out after hard impacts. New versions use a redesigned throat system for a more precise fit, greater performance and trouble-free use. Nocks and inserts are offered in 246, 244 and 204 diameters to snuggly fit any carbon shaft from standard Gold Tip models, Easton Epic, Beman ICS, Carbon Force/PSE, and Blackhawk Vapor (246), Carbon Express hunting shafts (244), to Easton Axis and Beman MFX shafts.

The "Tru-Peep" style magnesium peeps are as strong as popular aluminum models, but with less than half the weight. They include an hourglass shape to assure proper sight alignment with all bows and at all draw lengths and are anodized deep blue for increased contrast against sights and target. Look for them in new-for-2007 3⁄32-inch-aperture Micro Target and 5⁄16-inch Magnum Hunter, plus 1⁄8-, 3⁄16- and 1⁄4-inch-aperture models.

For more information on these and other quality G5 products contact: G5 Outdoors, L.L.C., Dept. PB, P.O. Box 59, Memphis, MI 48041; (866) 456-8836; www.g5outdoors.com.

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