PSE X Force Dream Season HF

PSE X Force Dream Season HF

PSE has made a considerable impact on the archery industry with their new X Force design platform. In speaking with PSE's Vice President of Engineering, David Kronengold, it was apparent that he is not only excited about the X Force technology as presented on their current bow models but also the potential it has to propel them into the future. One of the key benefits delivered by the X Force technology is speed and Dave ensures me that we are only seeing the tip of the iceberg.

The all-new Dream Season model was designed with all of the X Force technology coupled with a bowhunting friendly seven-inch brace height and special graphics created for Terry and Mark Drury's popular Dream Season TV show. The Dream Season is outfitted with highly pre-loaded limbs and high output eccentric system. Other Dream Season features include PSE's B.E.S.T. Grip system, stainless steel stabilizer insert, pivoting limb pockets and six separate vibration-dampening accessories.

Probably most eye-catching on the Dream Season, or any other X Force bow for that matter, are the radically curled limbs. An extreme pre-load is applied to the limb sets. Capable of exceptional bend the 12-inch split limbs move to past parallel angles while utilizing the inherent stability and performance characteristics of the traditional upright limb pocket position. The shock and vibration reducing abilities of the parallel and past parallel limb angles found on many of today's top rigs is well known and the same holds true for the Dream Season. When shot by hand the bow demonstrated minimal "jump" in the handle and even less vibration, which is notably impressive for a bow that registered an IBO speed of 336 fps on my chronographs. The result is a fast bow that shoots quietly--ideal for hunting.

The engine that drives the Dream Season to great IBO speeds is PSE's HF "Hybrid Fast" Cam system. I found the draw cycle to be aggressive but not inconsistent meaning that you will get to peak weight quickly and stay there for a relatively long time, however, you will not feel any abrupt, shoulder jarring, changes along the way. It has a distinctly smooth draw cycle for a blazing fast bow. Riding on hardened axles and sealed ball bearings the large diameter HF eccentric system is designed for maximum energy storage. No bow press is required to change the one-inch increment modules that allow for a draw length range between 27 and 32 inches. An additional +⁄- .375 inches of draw length adjustment is possible with cam-based posts. The HF Cam also features an adjustable draw stop that allows the archer to choose between either 60- or 70-percent letoff for each module/draw length. Timing marks engraved into both cams make it easy to determine if your rig is in need of a tune up at the local PSE dealer.

PSE's HyperSplit pivoting limb pockets serve as the critical connection point between the limbs and riser. The Dream Season's fully machined aluminum riser has a moderate reflex geometry designed to enhance stability. The grip area of the riser is machined into PSE's B.E.S.T. (Biomechanically Ergonomic Slim Throat) grip that includes two contoured rubber side panels that are formed to provide comfort while reducing the opportunity for torque. Additional riser features include multiple sight mounting holes that allow for three vertical sight positions and machined Quick Reference Tuning Marks in the shelf area.

The Dream Season is outfitted with multiple vibration-dampening devices. I noted that it registered a markedly quiet shot during testing.

Editor's Note: Petersen's Bowhunting standardized testing includes the use of the same equipment and test methods. For more detailed information on the testing parameters go to and look for the "bow testing" link.

MANUFACTURER:PSE Archery, Dept. PB, 2727 N. Fairview Ave. Tucson, AZ 85705; (520) 884-9065;
MODEL: X Force Dream Season HF
ECCENTRIC SYSTEM: HF "Hybrid Fast" Cam System
DRAW WEIGHTS:50-, 60-, and 70-pound peak
DRAW LENGTHS: 27 to 32 inches--modular
RISER: Reflexed, machined aluminum
LIMBS: Split, Pre-stressed
STRING: BCY 8125, 60.875 inches
CABLE: BCY 450 Plus, 34.125 inches
MASS WEIGHT: 4.1 pounds
LETOFF: Adjustable, 60- or 70-percent
GRIP: B.E.S.T. two-piece
BRACE HEIGHT: 7 inches
FINISH: Mossy Oak's New Break Up
COMMENTS: A super fast rig with surprisingly little shock, vibration or noise at the shot.
336 fps87.76 foot-pounds108.91 foot-pounds80.58 percent Hard charging out of the gates with a long pause at peak before breaking over to holding weight — smooth transitions between each stage.
*(Test result) **Product of speed and arrow weight ***Energy supplied to and held by the system ****(K.E. divided by S.E.)

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