APA Viper

APA Viper

The 2008 Viper is loaded with all the features that have made previous APA bow models desirable including parallel limbs, a built-in tool center and patented carrying system. The Viper is also outfitted with the all-new APA "Fang" riser that allows the bow to be conveniently hung on small tree branches.

APA proudly makes one of the most unique bows in the business. It all starts with their patented bow carrying system and support structure, which is basically a forward facing strut that protrudes in an enclosed loop out in front of the grip. The strut is center balanced and machined with a molded grip section for easy and comfortable hauling. The bottom portion of the loop houses the APA Utility Tool Center. This mini toolbox offers the archer a field ready broadhead wrench, nock-turning tool and carbide blade sharpener.

Another APA exclusive riser feature is their all-new Fang structure just below the upper limb pocket. The fang serves as a hook that allows an archery hunter to conveniently hang his/her bow on a tree limb. A quick test of the riser features proved that all worked as expected--my nocks fit in the turning tool, several types of broadheads were tightened with the wrench, my hunting knife is sharper and the bow was hung on a variety of small branches.

Two small side panels made of laminated wood coupled with the rounded rear portion of the grip machined directly into the riser produces a medium wrist position while holding the bow at full draw. A stainless steel stabilizer mounting insert, the letters "APA" engraved just below the arrow shelf, a straight carbon cable rod and a film dipped SkyLine Extreme camo finish complete the riser package.

The Viper's machined aluminum pockets pivot when the draw weight is adjusted. This type of system keeps the pocket and limb fixed in relation to one another while the pocket pivots as a whole at a point closest to the shooter and is driven either closer to, or further away, from the riser at its opposite end via the limb bolt. A pivoting pocket is widely regarded as superior to that of a system that allows the limb to move in relation to the pocket. The Viper's straight, solid limbs measure 13.5 inches in length and are diamond ground and CNC machined out of a material known as Composite GC-67-UB.

Under the hood we find APA's Venom XP cam, which is a single cam eccentric system. Both idler wheel and cam ride on sealed ball bearings for less friction and increased efficiency. An adjustable draw stop permits the letoff to be adjusted between 65- and 80-percent and a rotating module offers six inches of adjustment from 25 to 30 inches in one half-inch increments.

APA has loaded their Viper with features designed to eliminate vibration, silence the shot and deaden any shock. The package includes a set of BowJax String Silencers, Limb Dampers, and Cable Guard Damper. An optional string dampener is also available that is situated on the end of a straight carbon rod that protrudes from the riser where it is secured with a setscrew. Most influential in the battle against noise, shock and vibration is the past parallel position of the limbs at full draw. In this configuration the limbs travel vertically at the shot cancelling out much of the left over energy.

APA's Viper is impressive at the range in that it is smooth on the draw, remarkably quiet and produces little of either shock or vibration. It has specs that are shooter friendly, meaning that the four-pound mass weight, 7.5625-inch brace height and 33.25-inch axle-to-axle measurement are forgiving and comfortable.

Editor's Note: Petersen's Bowhunting standardized testing includes the use of the same equipment and test methods. For more detailed information on the testing parameters go to www.bowhuntingmag.com and look for the "bow testing" link.

MANUFACTURER:APA Innovations Inc., Box 1420, Biggar, Saskatchewan, Canada S0K 0M0; (866) 353-7378; www.apaarchery.com
ECCENTRIC SYSTEM:Venom XP single cam
DRAW WEIGHTS:50-, 60- and 70-pound peak
DRAW LENGTHS:25 to 30 inches in one half-inch increments
RISER:Reflexed "Fang" Riser with built-in Tool Center
LIMBS:13.5 inches, composite
STRING:8125 material, 88 inches
CABLE:8125 material, 33.75 inches
MASS WEIGHT:4 pounds
LETOFF:65- to 80-percent
GRIP:Two-piece wood
BRACE HEIGHT:7.5625 inches
AXLE-TO-AXLE LENGTH:33.25 inches
FINISH:SkyLine Extreme
COMMENTS: A shooter's bow with features specifically designed for archery hunters.

311 fps 75.187 foot-pounds 92.68 foot-pounds 81.13 percent A notably easy incline followed by an eight-inch stay at or near peak before a gentle rollover and drop to holding weight.
*(Test result) **Product of speed and arrow weight ***Energy supplied to and held by the system ****(K.E. divided by S.E.)

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