PSE Bow Madness

PSE Bow Madness

PSE's Bow Madness measures a compact 32 inches between the axles and just over 10 inches deep. The large Madness Single cam is loaded with adjustability and produces a smooth draw cycle. PSE outfits the Bow Madness with its signature, pre-loaded X-limbs, B.E.S.T. grip and many other features.

PSE's bow lineup includes a single-cam series named after Mark and Terry Drury's popular Bow Madness television show. The moderately priced line includes the Bow Madness, Bow Madness XL and Bow Madness XS. Between the three, they span from 28'‰1⁄2-36 inches in axle-to-axle length, 6'‰1⁄2-7'‰3⁄8 inches in brace height and 316-332 fps in peak IBO speed ratings.

Falling in the middle of this spec range is the Bow Madness, which features a slightly reflexed riser, Madness Single cam, pre-loaded X Technology split limbs, B.E.S.T. grip with rubber side panels and Vibracheck Backstop string damper.

Mad Adjustability
PSE's lead engineer, David Kronengold, and his team know the value adjustability offers bowhunters and have designed the Bow Madness cam system with that in mind. The Madness single cam can be altered in several ways to set the draw length and letoff right where we want them.
First, there is a choice between two inner cams, which together cover a draw length range from 25-30 inches, in one-inch increments. No bow press is needed for these adjustments. Next, you can further fine-tune your draw length with a set of string posts on the main cam body that offer approximately half an inch of additional adjustment at each draw length. A bow press is needed for this change.
It doesn't end there, as the draw stop can be moved to one of two positions representing 65- or 80-percent letoff.

Mad Curves
PSE's Bow Madness has an eye-catching profile with its nearly straight riser and ultra-short 10'‰½-inch limbs. The limbs are highly pre-loaded, which not only gives them PSE's signature curled limb but also achieves performance goals.

Limbs are seated on the riser in an upright position and curled/bent to parallel before the bow is even drawn. With this design, PSE captures the benefit of parallel limbs and the inherent stability characteristics of traditional upright limb pocket angles. Parallel and past parallel limbs distribute the force from release in equal and opposite directions, causing the leftover energy after propelling the arrow to be cancelled out as the limbs act in opposition to one another. The result is a bow that has minimal shock or vibration, which generally translates into reduced noise.

Limb pockets pivot and utilize a composite structure to support/position the pultruded fiberglass split limbs. Both the pivoting function and support structure work to eliminate any unwanted lateral movement.

Mad Extras
The Bow Madness has many more noteworthy features. First is the fully CNC machined aluminum riser. This riser is only slightly reflexed in geometry, allowing it to demonstrate stability and forgiveness more akin to a straight riser than a highly reflexed configuration. The lack of material on this sleek riser helps keep the overall mass weight of the bow at just 3.5 pounds. Riser and limbs are film dipped in Mossy Oak's Treestand camo pattern. Skullz camo or Satin Black finishes are also available.

Another Bow Madness feature comes in the form of two contoured rubber side panels that, together with the machined riser handle, make up PSE's popular B.E.S.T. (Biomechanically Ergonomic Slim Throat) grip. This grip is designed to provide a measure of comfort through the contoured rubber material while also offering functionality with consistent hand positioning made possible by the smooth back surface of the grip.

Additional features include machined elevation and windage marks on the shelf, a stainless steel stabilizer insert, multiple sight-mounting holes and a Vibracheck Backstop to dampen string vibration and noise.

PSE's Bow Madness comes at a mid-range price -- hundreds of dollars under the price tag of some others. Despite that, the Bow Madness features high-quality components and good shooting characteristics. The hand shock and vibration felt at the shot can be lessened somewhat with a quality stabilizer and string silencers. This rig is super maneuverable thanks to its light weight and a footprint that measures only 32 inches long and just over 10 inches deep. The B.E.S.T. grip is functional and comfortable, and the draw cycle is smooth, steadily building to peak before slowly making the descent into the valley.

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