PSE Dream Season Evo

The new Dream Season EVO is decked out with all the bells and whistles.

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PSE has been on fire for the past few years with new designs in the compound and crossbow markets. It would seem the company has a new motivation, and I'm fairly sure its name is Pete. Pete Shepley, PSE's founder, has reinvigorated the troops, and they have responded well. If you have the chance to talk with one of the bow makers from Tucson, Ariz., especially their head engineer, David Kronengold, you will sense their passion and excitement.

The new Dream Season EVO is decked out with all the bells and whistles and features PSE's new Axe+ Hybrid Cam, Planar Flex riser, CenterLock limb control system and 4th Generation X-Technology limbs.

PSE pulled out all the stops with its Axe+ Hybrid Cam system. They took the original Axe Cam and made it smoother, more efficient and user friendly while maintaining the blistering speeds (337-345 fps IBO) the cam is known for. Draw lengths from 25'‰1⁄2-30 inches are easily selected with the Posi-Lock pinned Inner Cam. The Inner Cam has a post/pin that is positively positioned into one of the available holes on the main body of the cam. There is no mistaking the location with the pin design -- it has to be in one of the available holes, and an engraved indicator plate points to the exact hole that has been selected. On the top cam, there is a pin position for each draw length, while the bottom cam has two separate Inner Cams (both included directly on the cam) to cover the entire draw length range. A draw stop on each cam is positioned according to the selected Inner Cam location, which produces the 75-percent system letoff.

Limbs/Limb Pockets
The EVO is home to PSE's new 4th Generation X-Technology Limb. These pultruded fiberglass split limbs are triple optimized in what PSE calls the limb belly, pocket belly and pocket contact areas to increase strength, efficiency and durability. Limb sets are matched based on deflection values for consistency and optimum performance.

The EVO is outfitted with CenterLock limb pockets, a completely new limb control system for PSE. CenterLock pockets are more than 75-percent longer than previous PSE pockets for added control and stability. This design is based on centerlines -- the pocket is clamped to the centerline of the riser, and the limbs are clamped to the centerline of the pocket. As a result, the limbs are held tightly in line with the centerline of the riser, which is a critical factor in overall performance and accuracy.

PSE redesigned the handles and risers for its Pro Series bow line. The new Planar Flex design features straight structural lines and an offset strut configuration. Previous risers have been formed with continuous curves that flowed from the grip area all the way to the riser ends. The Planar Flex riser uses a straighter structure before sweeping out into the overall reflexed configuration. Struts inside the machined cutouts located below the grip and above the sight window are offset to one side. Above the sight window, they are positioned to the left of the cutout (shooter's view) and below the grip they are opposite -- to the right of the cutout. The result is a riser that has minimal flex and twist. PSE notes a reduction of more than 25 percent in handle/riser deflection as compared to previous designs.

The riser is loaded with other features, including the new B.E.S.T. Raptor Grip, a stainless steel stabilizer-mounting insert, adjustable Vibracheck BackStop, multiple sight mounting positions, engraved shelf tuning marks, new PSE cable slide and riser ends specifically formed to support the new CenterLock limb pockets. Finishes are offered in Satin Black, Skulz Camo or Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity.

PSE's Dream Season EVO is undeniably fast and particularly smooth relative to its speed. Though the grip may prove cold on frigid days afield, it is comfortable and most importantly, functional. I was impressed with the lack of noise, vibration or shock at the shot. All these traits make this one of the most fun speed bows I have ever shot.

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